Bannon: Trump Made ‘Big Mistake’ By Firing Comey


President Trump made a “big mistake” when he fired FBI boss James Comey, former White House chief strategist and senior counselor Steve Bannon said in an interview aired Friday.

A top Trump administration official at the time of Mr. Comey’s termination, Mr. Bannon told MSNBC that he correctly predicted the president would prompt the appointment of a special counsel by firing the former FBI director in May 2017.

“I thought it was a big mistake and I thought it would lead to a special counsel,” Mr. Bannon said in an interview.

“I think if the Comey investigation had been allowed to continue, it would have taken another couple of months and wrapped up,” Mr. Bannon added.





  1. The big mistake Trump made was not taking away Comey’s security clearance right away and those of other haters of America, like Brennan’s, Clapper, etc.

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