Bannon: Biggest Threat To Trump In 2020 Could Be Oprah Winfrey


Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon has weighed in on who could be President Donald Trump’s toughest challenger in 2020 – and it’s not Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren or any of the other scores of Democratic politicians positioning themselves for potential bids.

The biggest foe, Bannon says, would be Oprah Winfrey.

“I think we’re in a different era,” Bannon said during an interview Wednesday night on CNBC. “I think we’re in an era that media and understanding media and understanding how to communicate on a mass basis to the American people is so much more important than being in a state legislature.”

Bannon said he remains confident that Trump will be reelected. But he also floated other possible 2020 contenders who do no come from politics, including actor Dwayne Johnson, known as the Rock, and businessman and reality star Mark Cuban.

“Don’t dismiss people today that are either executives that understand media or people that are media types,” Bannon told host Michelle Caruso-Cabrera. “Do not think that those people can’t somehow start to get traction, more so than some guys in the U.S. Senate.”

Speculation about a Winfrey challenge to Trump surged in January after she delivered a rousing speech at the Golden Globes awards ceremony, saying that “a new day is on the horizon.”

Winfrey, a cultural icon, has talked down the possibility since. In a recent interview with British Vogue, she said that going through the process “would kill me.”

Bannon had expressed his admiration for Winfrey before.

In the book “Devil’s Bargain,” journalist Josh Green reported that Bannon considers Winfrey to be an “existential threat” to Trump’s presidency if she campaigns for Democrats in this year’s congressional elections. The risk in Bannon’s mind, according to the book, is that Democrats could take control of the House and impeach Trump.

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  1. Well………yes. You have the race factor. Oprah, being an African American female, will immediately get the upper hand. Trump, without even saying a word, will be branded as an evil white bigoted RACIST who is the reason why blacks can’t get ahead in life. Elect Oprah and all problems for blacks will just dissipate. Hey, it worked under Obama, so why not now?

  2. Oprah has a very big chance of winning
    if the illegal immigrants will be allowed to vote like they did for Hillary (and officially became legal in California and who knows in how many other states),
    and the corrupt left will vote twice, three times, four times and five times like they did for Hillary,
    and all the dead will be allowed to vote like they did for Hillary,
    and the election machines will automatically change the votes to Oprah like they did for Hillary,
    and stuffing of ballot boxes and campaign officials filling out ballots for Oprah, like they did for Hillary.

  3. Evil is so fierce to smile. Oprah. Its real. Give her her bet.

    I would think that if Hashem has good humor and we know that Torah is fine, we might just ask Mr. Trump to abolish the 19th Amendment. This has been wrong. Hey nineteen? Maybe not.

    Happy thought is that if you are a man and have six daughters, you have 6 women to vote with you. The nineteenth amendment is unfair as the woman is under her father or husbands authority by religious decree of manner in faith. It harms the liberty because a man can offer his daughters their voting right as his influence is to her marriage a say to her willing dream. Having that thought I can attest that our liberal times greatly went wild upon the introduction of women’s sufferage.

    They did it well. All suffrage pictures I have seen were respectable looking women in full modesty garb. Look at us today. No modesty. Women at the Wall destroying our feelings about humane society.

    In any sense, if Mr. Trump wants, go after the 19th Amendment. They want to go after the 2nd.

    We can wonder what is wrong but if a man has 4 daughters and they have their right to vote, are they not his willing daughters to do what they can do best for his house? They vote his way and it is just a way to sell manners to futures where the happy men with daughters can have children to stay firmer his vote. Still good to have kids, but his prank is not to diminish or reduce the wealth of his nation. Having a daughter vote is not her best favor. It could be where we are going. I have wonder. But sincerely, I doubt.

    Still, when you discuss this, it is pertinent. This is history to learn and a world that has changed. We see hard the abominations protected and we see harm upon Jacob.

    I wonder what will make sense. Hillary lost and cost the democrats a full future.

    Who can help Israel? It looks like Donald Trump. A daughter special. We are interested in her home and her kosher. Not entirely her vote. And if she can concede this is a mess, we can honor Jared.

    Stingy me but its been on my mind. I wonder if anyone else.

    Women are special. Treat them sane. Give them their best feelings and home and hope. Lets not make battle women. They can just honor their fathers and become educated for humane futures and humane wealth.

    If men can not do it in this world, why are we ever to just ask rabbis their opinion. They give it. This is due.

    A serious qualm. Could this be an issue. I keep it on my mind somewhat.

    Leave the 2nd Amendment alone. We want an America that has right to allow our fathers to show the grabby guys that visit our homes to take our daughters out that we have a gun. Why would you want else.

    I would not want to know that our 2nd Amendment was wrongly removed. Can you imagine who might be ready to date your daughter? Take them to your foyer and show them your guns. You will get her back. She can find who to marry. Her sons can vote. Her legacy is her home.

    Seems simple. Democrats are after the wrong amendment. Maybe we should have one right to go after too.

    Safer with guns. Worry if the daughters of the democrats who all vote democrat are just doing it for dad. It is wrong.

    Dads are safer with sons who can vote and have sons. The future is quite amazing. From Suffrage to flappers. Where is modesty? It went far out with the 19th Amendment.

      • Don’t fear the reaper. Just go to a cemetary and shout your name. I’ll be there for you.

        Given a long comment. Some either read or pass. Maybe lobster trucks are more exciting for you. They may not have to be read awefully awe. Enjoy your day.

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