BANNED: Vizhnitz Girls Schools of Monsey Disallows Unvaccinated Students After Measles Contraction



  1. We’ve become a total police state! It starts with mandatory vaccinations. It ends with this very same school being forced to accept boys. Then gays.

    • It’s not enforced by the state, but by the school. So, a private school enforcing its own rules is “police state” in your opinion?!

  2. A generation ago everybody got measles and nobody went into a panic. measles is part of Hashem’s design to produce natural antibodies in the body and build the immunity. While there certainly have been children who succumbed and died, it still isn’t a disease. People can die from allergic reactions to seeds, nuts even an apple all of which are considered health foods. The answer is to keep our immunities strong through good nutrition and to daven to Hashem. The answer is not to stab our precious children with strong chemical concoctions filled with neurotoxins which can potentially have devastating health effects.

  3. Dear “ don’t fall prey…”,


    You are probably one of those conspiracy theorist anti vaccination wackos. This disease is not pleasant- good move sending the wackos home

    • That’s okay. You can continue to live with your head in the sand and just walk in lockstep with whatever the blind sheeple are doing. Btw, if your children were immunized, what are you worried about? If the immunization they got won’t protect them against those evil others, what’s the point of getting the poisoned toxic filled vaccinations? You can’t have it both ways.


    A lack of perspective and research has killed more people than most diseases. Vaccinations aren’t inherently evil. True there are opinions, backed by research, on both sides. These opinions aren’t different from other regulations that have proponents on each side until a reasonable conclusion is made. Certainly, most prefer prevention over intervention. Of course for those that don’t prefer prevention, pain and suffering by yourself is preferable to spreading the wealth of the virus. Yes, measles is a virus, not a bacteria.

  5. We can argue for days about pros and cons of vaccines. That being said, can someone explain to me the logic , rationale, the comprehension behind not vaccinating yet exposing people who can r”l die? You dont want to vaccinate? Your choice, but stay home! where is the bain adam lchaveiro? I am not with my head in the sand. I almost lost my infant to meningitis . Noome should know of the emotions and realities of what we lived through. The same Hashem that built the immune system you describe, has put chachma into the shlichim who designed the vaccines. I dont think it’s my place or job to help you see the situation as I do. People are entitled to their opinions. Yes, I know of the toxins and no, it isnt a bubamaysa…yet we need to make educated decisions and care about our own and our neighbors’s welfare and health.

  6. The rationale behind “exposing people who can r”l die” is based on a false notion. Many children have died from vaccines. Polio is extinct and your neighbor won’t die from it. Smallpox is extinct and your neighbor wont die from it. People have more of a chance dying from cancer caused BY the vaccine than dying because they caught the measles. For more information, you can watch “The Truth behind Vaccines” where M.D.s and PHDs are interviewed and discuss the topic in depth.

  7. Every discussion of such has to be viewed through the lens of Halacha. The facts are that there is contradiction in research about the effectiveness of vaccines vs. the damage they can cause. What is clear is that those who do not vaccinate can possibly be carriers of dangerous diseases that may harm others around them. The Halacha recognizes that even a potential damager (safek mazik) must stay away from a situation where he could potentially be harmful to others. It is clear from the Gemara in Bava Basra that this can be enforced by Beis Din.

  8. To a Torah Perspective:
    In Halacha, the potential damager may be recognized, but the concept of Chayecha Kodmim is also recognized. Am I supposed to subject my child to learning disabilities, cancer or autism so that my friend doesn’t catch measles or chicken pox from me? More research is showing that vaccinated children can be carriers for spreading the disease as well if not more than unvaccinated.


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