Bais Yaakovs Surrender


Unprecedentedly, Bais Yaakov high schools of Modi’in Illit, Beit Shemesh and Yerushalayim surrendered after an appeal was submitted to a Yerushalayim court complaining that many girls were not yet accepted into high schools of their choice. Initially, the high schools argued that their refusal was due to the unsuitability of some of the girls or lack of space.

The court appeal was submitted by the No’ar Kehalachah organization headed by attorney Yoav Lalum, the person who spearheaded the notorious 2010 battle against a Slonimer high school in the West Bank town of Emanuel, claiming that it was discriminating against Sefardi girls.

{ Israel}


    • Just because somebody says torah values doesnt automatical make them 100 percent torah values! You can put a borselino on a pig it doesnt make him act ehrlich! The chazer might look frum though!


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