Bais Din Proclaims Two Uncle Moishys


The Machon Le’Hora’ah has decided a dispute about who owns the name “Uncle Moishy,” and who can perform the songs that the performer has sung for 40 years.

Since the ’70s, Uncle Moishy and his Brooklyn-based production company, Suki & Ding Productions, have produced 22 albums and 14 videos.

Tanenbaum then moved to anther production company, Sonic Duo Productions, and continues to perform and record as Uncle Moishy.

Meanwhile, Suki & Ding found a new Uncle Moishy, Rabbi Yossi Berktin, a long-time Toronto children’s musician and entertainer who goes by the moniker “Rabbi B.”

In a ruling delivered last October and clarified in the last few weeks, the bais din found that while the songs and music of Uncle Moishy belong to Suki & Ding, both parties may use the stage name “Uncle Moishy.” Read more at CJN News.






  1. If you read the article is says Ding is not happy with the way things are and doesn’t know what to do. I’ll tell him. Walk away. Moishy Tanenbaum has been Uncle Moshe for generations. Start with a new character.

  2. excuse me, do you have any respect for dads torah. This is the pesak din and you should respect it whether you like it or not. Don’t be a zakein mamreh

    • i have the full respect for das torah, and if this is the psack i respect it, but im not pulling back my words that i think “it is stupid to heart someone that was mechaia thousand of yideshe children”
      this new acuter can get a new name new costume and new ideas
      and if u want to make Jewish children happy it is definitely not trough making a maclokis.

      • Not everything you think has to come out in a public forum. I’m sure basis din took everything into consideration and still paskened this pesak. We don’t know all the details so we certainly shouldn’t comment.

  3. Sad to know that there was a machloikes. Yes, the original will always be the real one!! I do not understand something. Why cant the Original Uncle Moishy sing all the old songs?? Cant any singer sing other singers songs?? I wish the original Uncle Moishy was doing a show in Flatbush this Chol Hamoed 🙁

    • I heard that original Uncle Moishe will be performing at the cojo fair on tuesday between 12 and 5, avenue L and east 17th and it’s free.

    • The reason beis din paskened that he can’t sing the old sings is likely because the songs weren’t made by him. As producers, Suki and Ding picked the tunes, lyrics, arrangements, etc… So the psak is that the songs belong to them, because that was their work. Obviously, the Psak depends on the specifics of each case, and there will be times when Beis Din will give the sings to the singer, not the producer, but the fact that they paskened this way tells you how much of what we consider to be “Uncle Moishe” is a reflection of Suki and Ding.

  4. If you asked me, I would have said to come up with a new character. Let Moishe Tannenbaum be UNCLE MOISHE and your new guy be someone else. You could have done a story line about him being Uncle Moishe’s relative the same way you use Ned as Cousin Nachum.

    Hatzlocha as always.

  5. Tanenbaum then moved to anther production company, Sonic Duo Productions

    If the way things went was that Tannenbaum left Suki & Ding even though they didn’t initially look to replace him I don’t get why people are upset at them

  6. If you would like to post your views then open up a shulchun aruch and learn all the halachas of this matter. Until you do leave it up to beis din and until then keep your psak to yourself.

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