Bais Din Drops Emmanuel Case, Negotiations Fall Through After Laloum Snub


laloumThe likelihood of a breakthrough in the Emmanuel case seemed meager this afternoon as negotiations fell through for an agreement between the Emmanuel parents and Yoav Laloumfoundation that claims to strive for “equality” between Ashkenazim and Sephardim in the charedi school system.

The Bais Din canceled a hearing on the matter after Yoav Laloum, the man who originally sued the school, failed to drop his case with the High Court as he was asked to do.

Laloum claimed to Israel Radio that the deal fell the through because the parents from Emmanuel refused to sign the arbitration deal.

{JPost/Yair Israel}


  1. Who signed the arbitration agreement on behalf of the Ashkenazim? If they have a valid agreement, that should hold up in Court…..

  2. Don’t expect the arsonist to put out his own fire.

    It’s out of his hands now that the state is railroading Jews like the communists y”s

  3. Laalum is playing with fire! He is not being rational at all. The whole Country is against him. What is he thinking? Rabbi Ovadia Yosef’s strong words about him has no effect?! He is making a historic blunder the likes we haven’t seen since Korach!

  4. You Rasha, Don’t you realize that you are just causing more hatred. We will only listen to our Gedolim and NOT ANY COURT.


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