Background Checks Now Required For School Board Members In New Jersey


lakewood-school-special-ed-3Criminal background checks for school board members is now the law in New Jersey. The law is another layer of protection for children.

“Newly elected and appointed school board members have to undergo background checks which means they would have to go a regional center, be fingerprinted,” said Frank Belushio with New Jersey’s School Boards Association. “They’re certain disqualifying offenses and they primarily are in the area of child endangerment.”

WCBS 880′s Sean Adams reports: Elected and Appointment School Board Members Required To Have Background Checks

Other disqualifying offenses are drug convictions, robbery, burglary, bias, terroristic threats and aggravated assault.

Board members are waiting for the state to draw up guidelines. They’ll have to pay the $85 unless districts opt to cover the fee.

{WCBS 880 NY/ Newscenter}


  1. Considering how rarely school board members are actually in the schools, this is a pretty pointless law. I’d be more concerned about having people with a white-collared crime past on the board, because they control so much taxpayer money. But saying that this is “for the safety of the children” is just trying to play on heartstrings to push through a needless piece of over-legislation.

  2. #2 is likely correct.
    The ones who have to be screened are those who are in direct contact with the children on a daily basis, if this law is to have any purpose at all.

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