Baby Name Advertised in Israeli Yated Sold to Highest Bidder


babyWhen soccer and basketball teams need money, they turn to a generous sponsor – and in return, add his name to the name of the team. A chareidi couple appears to have adopted this method… for its future baby.

An unusual ad appeared last week in the Israeli Yated Ne’eman: “A prominent family is interested in naming its baby after a good person, for a fee,” the ad read. It was followed by a phone number in the city of Bnei Brak.

The woman who answered the phone told us she had published the ad for her neighbors.

The surprising notice conceals an interesting story: A well-known Bnei Brak family facing financial difficulties has decided to have its newest member help pay its debts – even before his birth. The mother is expected to give birth in the coming weeks, and in the meantime has issued a bid for her son’s given name.

The family decided to allow wealthy but childless people to commemorate their loved ones through its son.

“We are willing to name the baby after a person for a respectable fee, after checking who that person was of course,” explained the woman who published the ad. “The deceased must be a good person whose family has no one to name after him.

As for the requested price, the woman responded: “I don’t know, whatever they offer. There are wealthy families who are willing to pay.” The starting price was believed to be thousands of shekels.

The baby will be joining three siblings whose names were given in the conventional way. The neighbor, like a good mediator, explained that “this is a family of righteous people, a very good family with some debts.”

It appears that the highest bid has already been offered: When we called the number appearing on the ad once again, we were told: “It’s no longer relevant. A name has been found for the baby.”

{Ynet/ Newscenter}


  1. How is this child going to feel and react when he will find out about his name being peddled to the highest bidder? How will he face his peers in class?

  2. The family must of been desperate and people do non conventional things when their desperate. At least there getting the money they need honestly they are not stealing from anyone, hurting anyone or staling from the government which many people do in desperate situations.

  3. If parents would be “smart” enough to keep it secret…why would a child know? There are ways to protect a child if you wanted to….and then again….it’s not the worst thing to do. They are not stealing from anyone. This way someone who would never get a chance to have a name, could get one. The fact that they are taking money for it…obviously there are people willing to pay….no one is getting hurt.
    We have much bigger problems out there. Nothing dishonest about it….don’t fuss.

  4. This is beyond despicable. Selling naming rights to your own baby? What is he, a football stadium? Is nothing sacred anymore? Why does everything have to turn into a business? Using an unborn baby as a means to make money is almost as low as you can go. The only thing worse is black market babies.

  5. If you’re old enough to have kids, you’re old enough to name them as you like! And if that means bidding out the name, so be it! Perfectly honest. Great idea. Nothing wrong with it. As sacred as any other form of name-giving! It’s using your gift from Hashem to elevate the name of another’s niftar. It’s a win win situation. Kol hakavod to the parents for following their will. Nachas!!


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