Baby Born In IDF’s Philippines Field Hospital To Be Called “Israel”


philippinesA top Philippine civil defense official says the death toll from last week’s Typhoon Haiyan has risen to 3,621. That’s a jump of more than 1,200 from the previous toll of 2,360 that was announced earlier today by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council.

Meanwhile, dozens of rescue crews from around the world descended on the typhoon torn country in an attempt to help find additional survivors. Among those crews was the Israeli delegation which has finished setting up its field hospital and has already registered a heartwarming story – the birth of baby boy.

As the IDF medical team in the Philippines had finished building its field hospital in the city of Sebo, a woman in labor arrived at their door and with the help of doctors, successfully delivered a baby boy. The mayor of the city who visited the hospital said the baby would be named Israel.

The IDF reported that the baby was born during the eight month of pregnancy, weighing in at 2.150 kg (roughly 4.74 pounds). His birth was performed by the five person gynecology team which arrived in the islands together with Israel’s rescue delegation and is comprised of three gynecologists and two midwives.

“As a sign of gratitude to the delegation, his father decided to call him Israel,” the IDF Spokesperson Unit said.

{Yediot Achronot/ Israel}


  1. Very appropriate as this week’s Parsha Yaakov is also given the name Yisrael. Yod, Yitzchak Yaakov shin, Sarah resh, Rivkah Rochel aleph Avraham lamed Leah.
    And we are know as Bene YISRAEL


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