Babe Ruth Card Bought For $2 Could Be Sold For Millions


A Babe Ruth baseball card cost a California man a couple of singles — but it might be a grand slam for his bank account.

Dale Ball, of Visalia, bought the card from a collectibles store in Nevada to add to his son Dennis’ collection, he told ABC 30. The owner told him he thought the card was fake, since he couldn’t find it anywhere on the internet.

Convinced that the card is a rare Shotwell W-575-1 Babe Ruth card made by the Shotwell Company in 1921, Ball brought it to an antique expert in Beverly Hills. The next step is for Ball to have the card authenticated and graded by professional appraisers.

While the card has yet to be authenticated, Ball is telling interested buyers that bidding will start at $2 million.

Read more at NY POST.



  1. So the collectible store never thought to evaluate the card he was selling?! Something is not adding up with this alleged story.


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