Baba Elazar’s Murderer Deemed Unfit to Stand Trial


rav-elazar-abuchatzeirahThe regional psychiatrist in Israel’s Southern District filed on Wednesday an opinion which rules that Asher Dahan, the accused murderer of Baba Elazar Abuchatzeira, is unfit to stand trial.

The opinion was submitted to the Be’er Sheva Magistrate’s Court and includes a recommendation that Dahan be admitted to a psychiatric facility for further evaluation.

Earlier it was reported that the court had extended Dahan’s remand by an additional two weeks.

Dahan, 42, from the community of Elad, murdered Rav Elazar two weeks ago.

The rav had been receiving people seeking advice and brachos. Dahan, who came to ask for a bracha, approached the rav to talk, kissed his hand, and then suddenly he pulled out a sharp instrument and stabbed him in the chest and stomach.

Dahan fled, but the rav’s  followers overtook and subdue him.

{Read report: Arutz Sheva/ Newscenter}


  1. A bit of a relief, I guess….At the Lev L’Achim Asifa a few weeks they asked R’ Elyashiv, what does he say about Levi Aron…reportedly he simply answered, “Far a choli nefesh tzu nisht do vos tzu reiden.”

  2. #4 – not lost, mentally ill. A mentally ill person has no free will, and is not responsible in halacha for his actions.

    I also suspect that Rav Elyashiv was avoiding making any comment because he knew he didn’t know all the facts and wasn’t about to make a statement which would have been instantly quoted all over the frum world. Avos says, “Silence is a guard for wisdom.” The truly wise know when to speak and when to be silent.

  3. #3

    For one who is has an illness of the spirit – soul there is nothing to say; ie a person who isn’t well in such a manner unfortunately is capable of what he did. Yet, this isn’t a general statement on people who suffer from Schizophrenia but the illness of the nefesh- soul that would allow him to murder in such a barbaric manner.
    One who is capable of murder is ill in a different manner than mental/physical illness. Obviously not all mentally/physically people murder.

    No it doesn’t mean he’s “lost beyond hope”. It means there is really nothing to say as to why he did what he did.

    The question they asked Rav Elyashiv should have been phrased differently. What did they expect him to say?!

  4. He’s not a Shoteh al pi din and is therefore responsible for his evil deeds.

    He doesn’t destroy what is given to him or have the other simanim of a shote.


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