Baal Tzedakah Gives $20,000 to Needy Family in Exchange for Rav Elyashiv’s Tallis Koton


rav-elyashivA wealthy magnate was recently approached to donate money to a family of a great talmid chochom in dire financial straits. According to a report in the American Yated Ne’eman, when the wealthy man saw the respect accorded to this talmid chochom by Rav Elyashiv, he expressed his desire to make a donation of $20,000 if he could have a tallis kotton of Rav Elyashiv’s. Rav Elyashiv asked that one of his pairs of tzitzis be given to the man, who, in turn, immediately wrote out a check for the full amount.

{Yair Newscenter Israel}


  1. We Chasidim know that a Cheifetz shel Tzadik has an astronomical value beyond measure! Especially a Chefetz shel mitzvah!!!! He probably wants Shmirah until the very day… and then first!!! Great thinking!!! A ball Tzdokoh , a baal hasogoh and a bar Seichel!!!!

  2. to all the big talkers; would YOU pay such money?

    have respect for someone who has respect for the Torah and its gedolim

  3. I told this story to my talmidim today. I explained that a person can demonstrate what is important to him. it shows great honor to the posek hador. More power to this baal tzedaka.

  4. What about learning with the Rav? What about a brucha? Choping the Rav’s tzitzis is a shitkel chutzpadik. Nonetheless, it is a mitzvah and that shows us that if we were wealthy what would we do with our cash? I daven for this mishpucha that the husband have a rafuah shleimah min hashomayim. That is the saddest part. This is a family suffering and they need a nes.

  5. #14…neither the editor, nor anyone else for that matter, owes you any explanation….your homework assignment over the Pesach recess is to write 500 words on the significance of this great story and its positive reflection on Klal Yisrael

  6. What struck me about this story is how Rav Elyashiv Shlita was prepared to give up his Ruchniyus to help somebodys Gashmius. We don’t know the value of Mitzvas but Chazal say that the mitzvah of Tzitzis is Shokul Kneged Kulom, and Rav Elyashiv was prepared to give us this mailoh for Tzedokoh and Chesed.

  7. We lubavitchers wear the Rebbe’s kapota (or shirt if kapota not available) under the chuppa because of how holy that time is. So I’m just throwing out an idea to our dear litvishe brethern; perhaps this baal tzedoko would consider lending out the taalis katon to chassanim to wear under their chuppos?

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