Avrohom Avinu, Moshe Rabbeinu, Dovid Hamelech, and Shlomo Hamelech Might Get Cut from AP World History Curriculum


JTA reports that the College Board recently proposed a controversial change to the AP World History curriculum: start at the year 1450, not the dawn of civilization. The idea, aimed at limiting the amount of material covered in the course, has prompted criticism from educators since it was announced last month.

Time pointed out that if that new curriculum goes into effect, an array of significant world figures would miss the course’s cutoff. With the help of astrophysicist Michael H. Hart and the MIT Pantheon project, the magazine compiled a list of 200 of the most influential individuals in documented history, from the Pharoah Menes, born in 3201 B.C.E., to President George W. Bush, born in 1946.

Going by this list, students in the course would no longer study 40 percent of the history’s influential people. Not surprisingly, among those missing the cutoff on the Time list are some of the most important figures in Jewish history: Avrohom Avinu, Moshe Rabbeinu, Dovid Hamelech, and Shlomo Hamelech.

The College Board will announce its final decision in July.



  1. The Goyim believe they come from monkeys and starting from the year 1450 is their beginning of civilization when they slowly became human beings until the beginning of the end of civilization, starting with German born President George W. Scherf (aka Bush) who’s goal was to destroy the once great America and the entire world. Read his diabolical plan of the New World Order, depopulation, and the new Ten Commandments they’re trying to implement on the Georgia Guidestones etched in stone in 10 languages.

    • He was German? I thought he was a Martian dropped down by the Mother Ship? Oops, maybe I am getting my conspiracy theories mixed up. The main thing to remember is that W. Bush was behind 9/11, it was a plot between him and the Jews to take over the world. I know it’s true, I even read it on the internet.


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