Avraham Fried Responds After New Song is Brazenly Stolen and Distributed


avraham friedThe revelation that a new song belonging to noted singer Avraham Fried was stolen and distributed without his permission has sent shockwaves throughout the Jewish music world.

“This is somewhat unprecedented in our world,” a music insider told Matzav.com. “It’s unfortunate, and hopefully by reporting on this, it will prevent such an occurrence in the future.”

The song in question, titled Ribon Ha’olamim, was apparently stolen from the actual studio where Mr. Fried was recording it. It was subsequently sent to others online and via WhatsApp.

In response to the theft, Mr. Fried released a brief statement.

“I am shocked that this song was released without my knowledge and without my approval,” he said. “This song, when complete, is intended to be included on my next album. I suggest that those who released the song without my knowledge ask me for forgiveness before Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.”

Fried, whose full name is Avraham Shabsi Hakohen Friedman, is one of the most successful and sought-after singers in the frum world. The 56-year-old performer began his career with the release of his first album No Jew Will Be Left Behind in 1981.

The youngest of eight children and father of eight, Fried resides in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. He has released over 30 best-selling albums.

{Gavriel Sitrit-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The people who posted it were most likely not aware that it was stolen.
    People tend to forward things and post them and they just didn’t realize.
    I think we have to be Dan lecaf zechus of the people and sites that posted the video that they had no knowledge
    It’s Elul and if we judge others favorably, hopefully hashem will judge is favorably.

  2. Regarding the upcoming Yomim Noraim: I know that this is way overdue, but I would like to ask Michila from anyone on this web site about whom I wrote a comment that is Lashon Hara. Every Nishama comes down to this world with his or her own test(s), and I have no right to judge other people.

  3. It’s a sickening lack of honesty and decency for someoone to do something like this. This is a man’s parnassah that’s being taken away. What a chilul H’

  4. Asking mechila anonymously.
    With a fake name.
    You pathetic joke.
    People – if you write hashem – you must spell it with a capital H as in Hashem. not hashem.
    What is the matter with you?
    Are you brainless? Where is your respect?

  5. First, he wasnt saying anyone that reposted stole, only the one that took it and posted it in the first place.
    Second, what is loshon horah about saying that someone posted it ther were no names included.
    Third, pretty disgusting! If that was well said!!

  6. 10,
    Was it worth insulting other jews over?
    “Are you brainless?”
    Last time I checked why does it need to be capitals what world do you live in? By that logic HASHEM should be in all caps. Next the G-d hyphen people are gonna come out of the worldwork.

  7. yes so close to the Yamim Noraim
    my 1st thought is do you forgive them

    how will this Bais Dim case play out in the days of Moshiach (let it be NOW WWMN)
    when No Jew Will Be Left Behind

  8. response to #3 i would imagine it isn’t loshon hora because it can be 50,000 people not 1 also matzav posted it as a mussar not to go against halacha


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