Avraham Fried Celebrates 30 Years of Making Music


avraham-friedSinger Avraham Fried is marking the 30th year of his musical career, during which he has released albums, filmed clips, and performed thousands of times in Israel and around the world., almost always using suitable expressions from Tanach.

Now, for the first time in thirty years, Fried is set to release a new album which will contain only original Hebrew texts.

About five years ago, Fried recorded “Aleh Katan” (Little Leaf) and it became a hit, and that led Fried to record a cover version of a song from a non-religious source by famous Israeli singer Yardena Arazi (“Rak Tefila,” Just a Prayer). He then recorded another cover, this time of another song from a non-religious source by world-renowned Israeli singer, the late Ofra Haza (“Someone Always Walks with Me”).

The success of both these covers led Fried to decide to record an album with original Hebrew texts written by some of Israel’s most famous songwriters such as Hanan Yovel, Ariel Zilber, Amir Benayoun, Kobi Oz, and others.

According to Fried, the purpose of his new endeavor is to record Israeli songs with a message so that he can reach out and touch audiences who never heard his music before. As he continues to work on the new album, a first single has been released to the radio stations.

Fried is scheduled to arrive in Israel for a performance in Rechovot on the 16th of Av. The show will be accompanied by a choir, special effects and pyrotechnics never before seen in Rechovot, certainly not during a performance with a religious Jewish character.

The event is being produced by Amichai Yuzan of Kidum Productions, who promised that “the audience will experience something very unique” during the performance. He added that “it is an honor for the city of Rechovot that an artist of this magnitude comes to perform there.”

{Arutz Sheva/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. israeli music is way better than ashkenaz in my opinion bh he is making a israeli cd but i also heard he is making a chassidish cd and a ashkenaz cd + a israeli wow that is a lot of work

  2. Does Matzav publish an article anytime someone reaches the 30th year in their career? Or is this only for entertainment industry idols?


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