Avner Netanyahu’s New Job


Prime Minister Netanyahu’s youngest son has found himself a new job. According to Yediot Aharonot, 23-year old Avner Netanyahu is now working as a waiter at a restaurant in Yerushalayim after returning from his post-army trip to New Zealand.

According to the report, Netanyahu is accompanied throughout his shift by an armed guard from the Defense Ministry. His mother Sara has already visited him at work and took a picture with all of the restaurant staff.

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  1. So now I understand why the Israeli government wants the chareidi schools to teach more secular subjects. It’s in order for the chareidim to get better jobs, such as the waiter job that Avner Netanyahu has!

  2. Good. He can strangle another generation. The unorthodox do not have any merit until they want to learn Torah and Absolutely keep kosher.

    I can see no good in my world of the fathers who wanted reform judaism. Mr. Netanyahu is not far behind or even in the same. The children decimate any yiddishkeit as they grow into the medina.

    All for the Boss. Watch it. Its the holy.

    Crack away the unorthodoxy. It is unorthodox.

  3. Such laytznanus here.
    Instead of being a bum like his brother or take advantage of his family’s prestige, he served in the army and then works at a regular, honest job.
    And BTW, he’s Shomer Shabbos and won the Bible Contest for Youth.


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