Avigayil and Yael Gross a”h


avigayil-and-yael-grossOfficials have released the names of the two children killed today in Yerushalayim after an exterminator left behind phosphine, a highly toxic chemical used in chemical weapons.

The levaya of Avigayil Gross a”h, 2, and Yael Gross a”h, 4, will take place on Thursday, followed by kevurah on Har Hamenuchos.

Michoel Gross, 5, and Yitzchok, 7 are in critical condition at Schneider Medical Center in Petach Tikva. Tehillim is being said for Chaim Michoel Shlomo ben Michal and and Refoel Yiitzchok Eizik ben Michal.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. what a horrific innocent tragedy, brings tears to my eyes.

    does anyone think this is just a coincidence? or are we ready to accept & face truth & reality. i.e. are we ready to face Hashem & confess to hashem & do teshuva & beg Hashem for forgiveness & to stop the tzaros in klal yisroel already?

    may their neshamos have an aliya & may the sick have a speedy recovery & may their family be menachem among the mourners of klal yisroel.

  2. Oy oy yoy; Yidden wake up.. these stories are a pachad gadol; Hashem is speaking to us.. He’s sending us so many strong messages… How can we be so oblivious and ignorant??
    Do Teshuva NOW.. Everybody, take a few minutes/ seconds off your busy schedules, & think what you can do now do bring Mashiach & put a stop to these terrible gezeiros!!

  3. What a heart brake! May Hashem grant Koach to their parents! May their siblings have a complete refua shelima and bring double nachas to their parents.

  4. This is an amazing program set up, you click on the link and it gives you one perek to say right there. It tallies up the amount of sifrei tehillim said for them so far. Please join! Once completed, click on the green button under the perek that says that you’ve completed it. Besuros Tovos!!!


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  6. Very great appreciation is owed to the people who posted several beautiful comments posted here that stress that when terrible bizarre tragedies like this occur, we must realize their message from Hashem to do T’Shuva.

    Of course, one of the key parts of our T’Shuva needs to be closer examination of: “Are we really being adequately careful to keep ourselves safe from these dangers?”

    A common example is: Rachmana Litzlan, a child crawls out of an open window and falls over the house wall and is killed. So a key part of our T’Shuva needs to be: “Was it right to leave a child — unattended — next to an open window???”

  7. (continuation of my previous comment)

    Specifically here, Boruch Daiyan HaEmes, after an exterminator sprayed a home, Lo Alaynu, two children there died, and, Yibodlem L’Chaim Tovim V’Aruchim, two more children of that family are gravely sick in the hospital. So a key part of our T’Shuva needs to be: “Is it really right for us to use these heavy insecticide poisons???”

    For, yes, the modern synthetically created insecticide and other pesticide poisons that are commonly used to get rid of bugs and weeds and other “pests” ARE extremely severely dangerous deadly chemicals.

    The specific dangerous poison mentioned here, “phosphine,” IS an item that is widely used in pest control. (See the US Government’s official information on phosphine at http://www.epa.gov/ttn/atw/hlthef/phosphin.html.) At http://www.pops.int/documents/pops/default.htm, there is an official list of twelve of the most very worst dangerous chemicals in the world. A close look at that list will show that NINE of those twelve items are commonly used pesticides!!

    So, already, we should start to think: “Is it really good for us to be playing around with such terrible things?”

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  9. We dont know Hashem cheshbonos but I think its time to stop using chemicals at all in houses there is plenty of alternatives today would you put a bomb in your cabinet even with a child proof lock there is for sure plenty alternatives for cleaning a house but for extermination im not sure if as good as chemical but its not worth it! May the family have a true nechama and only know of simchos

  10. (continuation of my previous comment)

    A pharmacist once explained to me that an insecticide is a strong poison that kills an insect by destroying its central nervous system. Now as an insect is a (relatively) tiny creature, a tiny amount of insecticide poison is enough to kill it. As a person is millions of times larger than an insect, the the tiny amount of insecticide poison that kills an insect will be no where near enough to kill him. So the insecticide manufacturers and the exterminators will tell us that the very small amounts of insecticides that are sprayed are “safe” and no where near enough to hurt us.

    The truth though is that while the small amount of insecticide is not enough to OUTRIGHT kill us, it is still obviously NOT ZERO! As it itself is not zero, what it does is also not zero! So again, while the small insecticide amount will not outright kill us, it will cause some damage; the damage may very well be quite miniscule and completely subtle, but it is damage nonetheless.

    Then, as insecticides are used more and more times, the “miniscule” damages that are done by them will likewise be repeated more and more times. Then eventually, all of these repeated “miniscule” damages will have accumulated into some pretty big serious damages.

    Furthermore, each person is different. One person may have immunity that is strong and well functioning. So when he is hit by insecticide use, the damage done to him is only “miniscule.” Another person though, may have immunity that is weak and broken. So when he is hit by insecticide use, the damage that will be done to him will be much more severe.

    And right here in this case, two of the children actually WERE outright killed — right away!!

    See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_effects_of_pesticides and http://www.nrdc.org/health/pesticides/ for detailed information about numerous serious disease problems that can be caused by pesticide use.

    So again, we seriously need to ask if it is truly any good for us to be bringing these horrific poisons into our lives.

  11. Thank you for your detailed comments, I never called an exterminator and I don’t know much about pesticides. All I know is that a beautiful family has been devastated. Perhaps there should be stricter regulations for the pest control industry, but this is not the place nor the time to debate that.

    On the other hand please do inform us about alternative and less dangerous options that work with Israeli pests in the Israeli climate. I don’t live in EY, this is why I never had to call an exterminator.

  12. Reply to Comment #17 from “Reader”:

    There is an excellent organization that is dedicated to publicizing information on non-toxic techniques of pest control. It is called the “Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides”; its web site is: http://pesticide.org/. On its home page is a tag titled: “Alternatives”; clicking on it will give a number of catagories. Specifically, you would probably be interested the page at:
    “http://www.pesticide.org/Alternatives/home-and-garden-toolbox/pest-solutions/pest-solutions,” which has a long list of common insects found in homes and what to do about them.


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