Average Gas Prices Drop Throughout Tri-State


gasAverage gas prices in the Tri-State Area have fallen, but remain at least a dollar higher than last year. AAA Mid-Atlantic says the average price of regular gasoline in New Jersey on Friday was $3.58, down 8 cents from last week. That’s still much higher than the cost a year ago, when motorists were paying $2.61.In New York, the current $3.91 for regular unleaded is down from last week’s $3.96, but is still higher than last year’s $2.91 average.

Connecticut also sees higher than last year’s gas prices, with a gallon averaging $3.97, as compared to last year’s $2.89. Although the current average is down from $4.04 a week ago.

Meanwhile, the national average price fell by 9 cents to $3.61. But that’s also much higher than the national average from a year ago, which was $2.78.

Analysts say the price decreases are mostly due to the ongoing economic volatility spurred by concerns about the national and global economies. That’s brought down the price of crude oil.

{CBS/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Did you all noticed how prices go up quickly when prices go up. but it takes weeks to go down when prices go down. at the correct market of 84 dolars a barrel we shopuld be paying 2.74 a gallon. we need the clinton days back
    when we had 99 cents a gallon a budget surplus and friends around the world.Upss


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