Australian Glasses Co. Films Ad At Holocaust Death Camp


An Australian glasses company apologized and took down its new ad campaign after coming under fire earlier this week for filming it on the grounds of a Holocaust death camp in Croatia.

In the photos and video shots for Valley Eyewear’s new “Black Zero” collection, a concrete flower statue erected in memory of the tens of thousands killed in the Jasenovac concentration camp can be seen in the background.

Some 75 percent of around 40,000 Croatian Jews were killed by the Ustasha, and Jews now make up less then one percent of Croatia’s population of 4.2 million.

Valley Eyewear director Michael Crawley told the BBC that his company was unaware that it was a death camp when they arrived to film there. “We didn’t want to offend anybody. We’re a respectful brand. I apologize to anyone who’s offended,” he said.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. Typical Democrat response.
    “I apologize to anyone who’s offended”
    Aha. Otherwise everything is alright?
    Who’s NOT been offended?
    This guy must work for the DNC.


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