Australia Will Now Fine Parents For Not Vaccinating Their Kids


As of July 1, according to a statement by MP Dan Tehan, the Minister for Social Services, parents who don’t vaccinate their children will face bi-weekly fines by losing part of their support payments.

The payments are part of Australia’s Family Tax Benefit Part A (for those who earn around $59,100 per year) will now lose $21  every two weeks for each child not up to date with their required vaccinations, according to

Since the initial policy in 2016 was enacted, 246,000 more children were vaccinated, and the immunization rate in the country hit 92.2 percent. The policy only takes into consideration vaccines recommended for children up to four years of age.

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  1. Worthwhile listening to: The irrefutable argument against vaccine safety where he gives a compelling overview as to why we should stop vaccinating our children.

  2. Wow. So this is like Australia’s version of Obama Care. Either join in or we’ll fine/tax you. Good bye democracy.

  3. Becoming a dictatorship one country at a time.

    Luckily we have trump in the us but Canada is run by bigots and poops


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