Australia Set To ‘Eliminate’ Cervical Cancer By 2028


Australia is set to be the first country to eliminate cervical cancer, aided by its national vaccination and screening programs, says a new study.

The country is on track to meet the threshold of four or less new cases per 100,000 women each year, effectively eliminating the cancer by 2028, finds the new study published Wednesday.

The cancer could be classified as “rare” as early as 2022, meeting a threshold of six new cases per 100,000 and deaths due to the diseases are expected to decline to one new case per 100,000 women by 2034.

But this is all contingent on Australia’s high vaccination coverage and screening being maintained, write the study authors.
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  1. non-existent autism links aside, the fact that any government wields so much power over their citizens as to be able to mandate vaccinating against something like this (that does not get passed around through airborne communication) is rather unsettling. If a person doesn’t want to get this vaccination she is not threatening to harm anyone else by spreading this horrible illness.
    Although a point in favor is that the Aussie government is “paying” for everyone healthcare in their country so once you hand them those reigns, I guess they have some business saying I’d rather pay $50 and force you to vaccinate than risk paying hundreds of thousands or potentially even millions of dollars to care for you if you get sick

  2. if you read the article, the numbers don’t add up. Now there are 7 cases per 100,000 women and they want to reduce it to 4 and then to less than 1 and for these miniscule numbers they want to force everybody to be vaccinated? at the same time they are dong better screening …maybe that’s more effective than the vaccine? It’s already considered a rare cancer and the vaccine only protects against certain viruses which can and do mutate. This whole article sounds fishy.


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