Australia PM: Christchurch Gunman Is ‘Right-Wing Terrorist’


The Australian-born suspect in the New Zealand mosque shootings, which have left 49 people dead, has been described as an “extremist, right-wing terrorist” by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, the Beast reports.

The suspect has not been named by police but is known to be an Australian man in his late twenties. Morrison confirmed an Australian-born citizen had been arrested and said: “I condemn the violent, extremist, right-wing terrorist attack that has stolen the lives of so many innocent New Zealanders as they went about their peaceful practice of worship at their mosques in Christchurch today.”

The suspect has been charged with murder and is due to appear in court tomorrow. Three others are being detained.

Morrison also condemned comments from Australian senator, Fraser Anning, who said the attack was evidence for a “link between Muslim immigration and violence.” Morrison said Anning’s comments were “disgusting… those views have no place in Australia, let alone the Australian parliament.”


  1. Seems this guy never read the perpetrator’s manifesto (or hoped no one else will read it). How about this quote from the manifesto:

    > “I was a communist, then an anarchist and finally a libertarian before becoming an eco-fascist”

    Or how about the section titled “Green nationalism is the only true nationalism” where he gives his motivation as saving the planet from overpopulation (meaning such as save the planet from human caused global warming by doing exactly what the Cortez person wanted – stop births).

    Or that his motive was to spur gun control by deliberately using guns to enrage people against guns so that they would confiscate all guns.

    And so forth ad infinitum

  2. Anyone who have read the alleged perpetrator’s manifesto would conclude that the guy is a environmentalnazi chicom-admirer big-gubmit lefty, there is nothing right wing about him. Australian PM is either an uninformed fool or a liar; perhaps a combination of both.

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