Auschwitz Guard, 93, Arrested


auschwitzYesterday, German authorities arrested a 93-year-old man who allegedly served as an SS guard at the Auschwitz death camp on “multiple counts” of accessory to murder. He reportedly served as a medic at Auschwitz-Birkenau in September 1944, during which time prosecutors say more than 1,700 people were sent to the camp’s gas chambers.

This arrest is the latest in a nationwide investigation of 30 suspected Auschwitz guards identified last year.

The man was examined and deemed to be in good enough health to be held in custody. Read more at The New York Times.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Yes, a nes nigleh. How many former Nazis have been arrested in the last 65 years? How many days of the year are there? Let’s not forget that you would have called it a nes if it had been on Purim also (and probably Purim and Shushan Purim Katan as well). So is it a nes that a Nazi was arrested on Shushan Purim?

    Can we at least be intelligent about calling things nissim?


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