Audio: Waiting Six Hours After Eating Pizza and French Fries


rabbi_bohm[Audio below.] Every Thursday night, at Khal Igud Avreichim on New Central Avenue in Lakewood, NJ, Rabbi Elli Bohm delivers a late leil shishi shiur on a  different contemporary halachic topic that relates to the parsha of the week.

Maariv is at 9:45 p.m., followed by a 45-minute halacha shiurCholent is served as well.

Rabbi Elli Bohm, is a musmach of HaRav Yisroel Belsky and a close talmid of HaRav Shlomo Miller. He is best known for the authoring of Halacha Berurah – a compilation of many contemporary halachic discussions appearing in the Yated Ne’eman and disseminated to many shuls across the United States and Canada.

Last night’s shiur was on the topic of “Waiting Six Hours After Eating Pizza and French Fries.” In the shiur, Rabbi Bohm discusses the topic of gevinah kasha – hard cheese  – as well as pareve items fried in a deep fryer used to fry meat.

Click here to listen.

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