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Kvod Shomayim Logo[COMMUNICATED] Irgun Kvod Shomayim is a tax-exempt organization that campaigns for Acheinu Beis Yisroel to improve our behavior and conduct in shul.  Although the cost of this campaign is tremendous, the small organizing committee (all of whom work full time elsewhere and volunteer their efforts for the organization) has seen great Siyata D’shmaya in all aspects of our operation.  This clearly indicates Hashem’s Ratzon for us to recognize Him and show Him respect.

Unfortunately, we live in a time where recognizing and respecting authority is not frequently practiced or easily understood.  We no longer have the old-time monarchs and rulers to assist in concretizing that concept.

With over $60,000 raised and spent so far this year, we constantly receive feedback and realize that this movement continues to spread and motivate people to improve their behavior and STOP the greatest tzaar haShchinah.

Many have asked for clarity regarding how to behave properly bein gavra l’gavra during krias haTorah.  Below is and audio message from a recent daf yomi shiur with a clear psak regarding not talking at allbein gavra l’gavra.

The Maggid Shiur is HaRav Gershon Bess Shlita; Rav of Cong. Kehillas Yaakov,  Los Angeles, CA and posek.


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  1. Note any non-Torah talking in shul is forbidden, see beginning of O.H 151. So I assmue we are talking here about talking Divrei Torah in shul, or talking Sichal Chulin in a Minyan not in a shul.


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