Reposted: Audio: The Sassoon Children z”l Recording “Cry No More” in Studio


Kol ishah-free version:

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  1. Chilling…just chilling. as if they had a premonition…sometimes we do…we just don’t know…only later.
    So ….CRY NO MORE…..MOSHIACH IS ON HIS WAY…HE HAS TO BE. SWEET NESHOMOS…FOR SURE…these seven flowers are standing in front of the Kisei Hakovod and pleading on our behalf…CRY NO MORE…

  2. the removal of the girls singing is symptomatic of our times; it is not authentic. After all they also sang with the family. Either share it as it was sung originally, or just don’t post. It is a desecration of the girls’ memory to remove their holy voices…

  3. I am sure the girls are singing to the kisei hakovod as well as the boys. Please do not call them kol isha non kosher.

  4. There is no Kol isha for people who are not alive. besides singing as a group is also not considers kol isha…people need to really learn the rules of kol b’isha

  5. To all those making declarations about kol isha: Kindly provide sources. Thank you.

    It would be a disgrace to these holy neshamos to anything but Hashem’s will with their memory- or recording.


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