Audio: Teshuvah Drasha from Rav Ephraim Wachsman


rav-ephraim-wachsman[Audio below.] The following teshuvah drasha was delivered earlier this month by Rav Ephraim Wachsman, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Meor Yitzchok of Monsey and well-known maggid shiur and darshan. We present this inspiring and powerful drasha ahead of Yom Kippur.

We wish all our readers a year of brocha and hatzlocha.

Click below to listen:

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  1. The Novie Yoineh, tells of what Nisei Nisim Hashem did, for the sole purpose of saving Ninveh, a Non-Yiddishe city.
    Read the last few Pesukim, and see how HKB”H cherished its inhabitants, because they are all his creation.
    How much so, do we have to learn to love and cherish every Human, Yid or Non-Yid.

  2. Beautiful story, how the Poretz so kindly helped this unfortunate Yid.
    These acts of Chesed, regardless if done by Yid or Non-Yid, is Moirer Rachamim by HKB”H on all His Briois, whom He is constantly creating.
    We must encourage every person, Yidden and Non-Yidden, to keep on doing acts of goodness and kindness, so that the Reboino Shel Oilom should already bring the Geulah Sheleimo.


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