Audio: Shwekey to Connect With His Roots


shwekey1[Audio below.] One can say that Yaakov Shwekey will be returning to his roots with his upcoming album, “Libi B’Mizrach.” Shwekey, who is of Sefardic descent, has mostly sung his songs in Ashkenazic  pronunciation. On his upcoming album, all the songs will be sung in Sefardic dialect, providing the unique Middle Eastern flavor of Sefardic music.

Click below to listen to an audio sample:

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  1. Looking forward to purchasing the album. What a breath of fresh air. Yakov keep it up.
    (sorry but you cant hide the ashkenazic accent in the songs)!

  2. who’s marketing strtegy is this? Sephardim bougth his album’s anyway, he’s just going to lose ashkenasik clientel. Like R’ Yogi once said, if aint broken don’t fix it!

  3. Yaakov should have alot of Hatzolcha he deserves it he is a very special person who does alot of good for the “Klal”

  4. When is he coming out in the store? it sounds like this alboms gonna rock! I love Yalla Yalla, it pumps me up. Shweky you are the bomb

  5. This cd sounds very cool! It sounds a little different from the typical cd’s that keep coming out. I love the yalla song and i also love chabbibi. Can’t wait for it to come out in stores!


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