Audio: Rav Shurkin On “Issur Lashuv L’eretz Mitzraim, B’inyan Sukkah Gezulah Umezuzah Sheulah, B’lav D’Lo Sanusu, Ubepeirush ‘Boruch Atah Hashem’ B’brochos”


yaakov-moshe-shurkin[Audio below.] The following shiur was delivered on  Sunday morning at Bais Medrash Kol Yehuda-Brook HillAshkenaz Shul in Lakewood, NJ, and is posted exclusively here on

The shiur was given by Rav Yaakov Moshe Shurkin, author of Sifrei Biur Achizah Be’eikev al Teshuvos Rebbi Akiva Eiger and other seforim. The topic of the shiur is “B’inyan H’issur Lashuv L’eretz Mitzraim, B’inyan Sukah Gezulah V’mezuzah Sheulah, B’lav D’Lo Sanusu, U’bepeirush ”Boruch Atah Hashem” B’brochos

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to this shiur.

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  1. A collection of these Shiurim has now been published in Sefer format under the title “Peninei Sugyos” and is Available at local Seforim Stores.

    An MP3 CD collection of these Shiurim is also in the works.


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