Audio: Rav Moshe Aharon Friedman On Pesach


rav-moshe-aharon-friedman[Audio below.] The following shiur was delivered by Rav Moshe Aharon Friedman, a popular maggid shiur at Yeshivas Mir in Yerushalayim. Rav Friedman is known for his ‘fast forward’ delivery and his wellspring of knowledge. He is one of the youngest maggidei shiur in the Mir. Rav Friedman is currently in the United States and has been giving shiurim in various cities and botei medrash. Next Motzoei Shabbos, Motzoei Shabbos Chol Hamoed, he is scheduled to deliver the shiur at the Flatbush Daf Yomi series of shiurim at Rav Halberstam’s shul in Flatbush.

To list to the following shiur on Pesach and Shabbos Hagadol, click below.


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