Audio Preview: ‘Touched By a Niggun” – Rabbi Yechiel Spero and Baruch Levine


touched-by-a-niggun[Audio preview below.] What do you get when you take a bestselling author and a multi-talented singer/composer?

Touched by a Niggun.

Baruch Levine has teamed up with Rabbi Yechiel Spero, bestselling author of the Touched by a Story series, to create a very unique type of album. The album, entitled “Touched by a Niggun,” features the compositions and vocals of Baruch Levine to lyrics based on the stories of Rabbi Spero.

The album is produced by Yochi Briskman and features background vocals by Eli Schwebel and Gadi Fuchs of Lev Tahor.

Click below to listen to an exclusive audio preview:

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{Noam Newscenter/Yossi Zweig-The Jewish Insights}


  1. It’s a little unclear from the article but Rabbi Yechiel Spero wrote the lyrics to the songs they were not just based on his books.


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