Audio: Michael Savage: I Would Strangle Leiby’s Murderer If I Could


michael-savage[Audio below.] Radio host Michael Savage has weighed in on the Leiby Kletzky tragedy, telling his listeners how deeply hurt he has been by the incident. Mr. Savage says that Levi Aron didn’t just “kill a child, he killed a community.” He adds that the murderer should be handed over to the frum community for “justice,” because “he would not last a minute.”

Savage says that jail is too kind a response for someone who committed such an atrocity. He also says that he himself would strangle the murderer if given the chance.

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  1. no reason to publicize michael savage. although he is entertaining etc. in this case he spews kefira in Hashem and hashgocho protis.

  2. He’s also wrong that he wouldn’t last a minute if he were turned over to the frum community.

    We live by Hashem’s Torah and that is how we govern our actions. We don’t take justice into our own hands, for we know that only the Ribbono shel Olam can deliver true justice to this murderer.

  3. god bless you michael for sharing in our pain and yes we fully agree with what you said. its so so sad the whole thing and jail is way to easy for him but we all know what happens in jail to animals like this guy. so if he goes hope he gets his share of pain

  4. All this blood lust that I’ve seen on every frum website in the last week seems to me to be a bit off of the Derech Hatorah.

    In the Parsha of Ir Hanidachas, the Torah tells us V’nosan lecha rachamim. Many mefarshim exlpain this to mean that if Jews do such an aczsarisdika hing like the total destruction of Ir Hanidachas, they are at risk of losing a bit of sensitivity in their moral compass, that defines us as rachmanim. bayshanim and gomlei chasadim.

    So the Torah guarantees us a special gift from Hashem, that if we do that mitzva properly, Hashem will give us in out hearts and extra dose of rachamim, so we will not have our definition as a people undermined.

    In this case, as horrible as the act that was committed, and as much as we know that HKBH will judge properly, and we expect that means things will not go well for Mr. Aron, we must still be careful not to become achzarim ourselves, all in the name of vengeance against a horrible murderer.

  5. Who says that he wouldn’t last a minute? I don’t know a single person who would kill him. I do agree that if there was no issur of lo sirtzach then he wouldn’t last a minute.

  6. This man is mentally ill! You can not walk out of the wood work and murder a child in such a manner at 35 years old with out a prior history. He is a pysch patient! Watching him in court, he looked like he was hearing voices! He needs to be locked in a psychiatric asylum and never see the light of day again! There had to have been clues here. How did he blend in for 35 years !! We need to wake up and pay attention to the world around us. We are a very self absorbed society. How many moms did this little boy pass while he was lost? 10? 20? It’s Boro Park for goodness sake where children just ooze from the walls. I wish someone had seen that he looked lost. The video camera picked it up why didn’t a mom?

  7. This gentleman is in the entertainment business, and he’s saying what he thinks will please a key audience group. Bad move. We don’t lynch people, even child murderers, and Mr. Savage’s willingness to do so indicates that he does not share our values or our faith.

    And #4 is right. The Nazis y”sh couldn’t kill us. How could one person – deragned or criminal – do it?

  8. should be handed over to the frum community for “justice,”

    This is the “justice” of a savage. We have the Torah. The US has a constitution and a body of law. Neither one allows savage justice. If found guilty, one has to pay.

  9. Michael Savage(Michael Wiener) is a Jew. He speaks the truth and so is not considered politically correct. I don’t think his parents, who were Russian immigrants were religious. Despite little or no Jewish upbringing, Savage is a big, big believer in G-d and often reads from Tanach on his show. The book of Jeremiah is one of his favorites. I think we can forgive him for expecting us to want to tear Aaron Levi apart. G-d is the ultimate judge and as much as this hurts and horrifies us we leave judgement to Him.

  10. ‘He adds that the murderer should be handed over to the frum community for “justice,” because “he would not last a minute.”’


  11. All that would happen to aron he will not have and friends and and be a misfit in the whole world maybe a beating a bad one

  12. It appears that Levys fate is doomed regardless. If he gets life he will be ripped apart by his fellow prisoners, if he goes to a psychiatric ward he’s gonna really go in sane and end up regretting his false claim of insanity. And if heaven forbid he’s freed he will have nowhere to go, nobody will employ him, and he would never go near the Jewish community, the entire world heard about his actions, and so nobody will go near him. And most likely somebody will give him a taste of his own medicine if he’s freed.

  13. why does everyone have to bash??? notice a tragedy just happened so just be quiet and hear that he feels in our pain. He is being nice, he is allowed to be so plz just if u have something mean to say keep it to you, it hurts me to see your hideous comments. Its sickening!!!

  14. i can’t understand why “frumme” websites publicize savage’s words.


    as someone else mentioned he also says plenty of anti frum and anti torah comments.

    he is not kosher ‘un mir darf nisht zain haskama.

  15. #5 is correct.

    another point. people are saying that execution would not be good enough for him, but its better for the rest of the world. He doesn’t have a place in society, and is better off being executed.

  16. Listen up all you Savage bashers. He and Steve Malzberg were the only talk show hosts that showed immense sensitivity to this tragedy. Hush Bimbaugh and the wall banger were too busy bashing Obama ( all they know how to do ) and found no time to focus on the tragedy. I personally believe that Savage is a Oihev Yisrael and Limbaugh and Hannity are Oihev Israel. Get the difference?

  17. you are wrong ,”eli” . he is not in the catagory of steve malsberg. malsberg showed REAL sensiitivity.

    he sometimes says things that are toiradike/ pro frum ,etc and we get all excited. MANY times however he says things which are MAMASH LI’HEPECH!

    IT is sad state of affairs that u have a secular guy ,all he has to do is pander a little and shoin! he is gadol hador- daas torah.

    BTW he also said that killing someone else is NOT Yaharog v’al yaavor,and that the holocaust happened cause the men were “too busy learning your torah”

    u wanna quote the gadol,matzav. quote him in full

  18. you know..Im offended! Who is he that should have such an honor to be quoted? this guy savage is part of the messed up garbage that is confusing jews that listen to radio talk shows! a perfect combination of half truth and half apikorsus. Its about time that we take this negatives influenses from our minds and pay atention ONLY to Torah sages.

  19. How is this not Derech HaTorah? Aren’t we supposed to set up Arei Miklat because Hashem expects the community to have Savage’s reaction?

  20. To #25- got it. if he said those other things, you’re right. but on this video he said things from the heart- it didn’t sound like pandering. He for sure is no “gadol hador- daas torah,” but then, i don’t think anyone here claimed he is- just that he was deeply affected by this tragedy. speaking just for myself, my positive response to him on this video was for his sincere empathy with us only- nothing else.

  21. “that killing someone else is NOT Yaharog v’al yaavor”. In that context, he is absolutely correct. Regarding a rodef it’s hashkaim v’harog.

  22. I listened that night and savage also said that “it serves the orthodox community right. All insular communities think they are better than everyone else and look, here it was one of their own who did this horrible thing.” Sounds like a real sensitive guy. No?

  23. i whole heartedly agree with peniona chana

    not that we need more guilt

    penina chana is saying :

    mommoies put down your I-phones

    when you walk in the street and a yingele looks lost

    crouch down say

    shafelle can i help u

    im a mommy

    stay here i will call your mommy

    i wont leve here till someone comes to help you

    she is right!!!

    self-absorbed is perfect word

    yes we are all self-absorbed

    we cant turn back the clock

    we dont need more guilt


    we need to look out for others

    ALL THE TIME befor tragedy strikes

    we are all ARAIVIM for one another

    lets keep the achdus alive!!!

  24. #25, who said he is a godol? Who says that he does not spew kefirah? In this particular incident he covered it welland showed mercy unto the family. Where was Hannity? Where was Limbaugh/ Give credit where credit is due. Stop putting words into peoples mouth. Noone called him a godol or daas torah. Quit the nonsense

  25. agreed with #2 no reason to publicize michael savage. although he is entertaining etc. in this case he spews kefira in Hashem and hashgocho protis.

  26. Why does Matzav find it worthy to report on what a lowbrow, vulgar, self-aggrandizing demagogue and disinformation artist like Michael “Savage” (Weiner) says about anything?

    That anyone frum could not be absolutely disgusted by shakranim and menuvalim like “Savage” and his unsavory colleagues is a rank embarrassment.


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