Audio: Michael Savage Mocks Practice of Metzitzah B’peh And Those Who Perform It


michael-savage[Audio below.] Radio talk show host Michael Savage dedicated his entire show on April 8 to the story of infants allegedly contracting herpes following a bris with metzitzah b’peh. He mocks the practice and those who practice it.

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  1. I listened to almost the entire two hour show and there were actually a few good callers who confronted him with actual facts and sound arguments. The problem was that every time they began to beat him on a debate point, he either cut to a commercial or changed the subject. If he would have been interested in the truth, he would have heard it and allowed it to be heard. However, this was not the case. He read one article on the internet and came with an agenda that he had no intention of changing. This so-called “man of truth” is no better than the rest of the media outlets and is no friend of the Jews in any way. He will have quite a surprise waiting for him when he comes to the next world.

  2. to Nat:

    Out of curiosity, do you believe that frum outlets such as Matzav are any better? Do they really allow for objective discussion, or are they essentially mouthpieces for party line?

  3. What a chillul Hashem! This aron guy who called had no doctors names, couldnt even answer who wrote the talmud, sounded extremely uneducated , terrible chillul Hahem

  4. Id like to ask how many deaths are preventable due to HIV by stopping toeva practices / marriage? Bloomberg actually promotes it! 13 deaths since 2000 thats one a year. deaths from AIDS in the toeivah community is in the hundreds per year just in NY!!!

  5. MBP is safe and should be practices by all.

    Kol hakavod to MATZAV for always standing up for our mesorah! You guys are our last hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. nat, while you may be able to defend to some degree metzitza bpeh,its not dangerous etc. lets be honest for an outsider you cant expect him/her to think its normal, it will sound barbaric! We have mesorah but a non jew dosent! I would not call savage anti-semetic you expect him to agree with mesorah! he dosent keep the torah how do you expect him to think metzitza bpeh is normal! This morning Geraldo Rivera with former mayor Guliani made a comment about how disgusting it sounded i dont think your going to start calling every person in the world “no friend of of the jews” while you may try to defend are right to do it but c’mon it makes alot of sense for someone to say its barbaric!

  7. Michael Savage [Michael Alan Weiner] doesn’t even know how to pronounce ????? ??? and calls himself an expert?

    And Says that he Never has being at a Brit Milah!

    Never saw it!

  8. The Torah does not permit to Stone a sinner without the Beth Hamikdash, proper Beth Din and Proper witnesses
    That gave the proper warning.

    In Israel the average capital punishment was once a Century. (Tract Makooth)

  9. Savage is a classic bitter frie jew. He has a lot of guilt on his neshama as he knows deep down he will have to meet his maker one day. So instead of truly trying to learn about his heritage, he takes the easy way out and HATES Frum people and ridicules their practices! He is a classic apikorus as well. One should not listen to him.

  10. When clear evidence of danger on MBP will be presented to the Rabbonim only then will they decide how to deal about it.

    So far its only the illusion of __________ professor Ph.D. in biology.

  11. Many Jews make the mistake of listening to this “pro Israel” radio talk shows. In reality they are just people without Torah, Without any kind of knowledge of Judaism. In their world in their level this topic is incomprehensible.Their societies are corrupted inmoral and nihilistic,Our way of life is alien to them. We are in golus!!!

    However we do not have to go too far…there are those among us that have begun to change our practices. As we become fargoished…we become goyshekoped!

  12. Michael:

    I am a big fan of yours and generally enjoy your shows. I’m even a supporter-rather small amount- but I did give for your legal battle.

    I have a bit of a gripe after last night’s broadcast. Namely, it seems to me that usually before you comment or give your opinion on issues, I would tend to think that you are well educated/informed/etc. by proper sources in that particular issue.

    In last night’s broadcast you admitted to one of the callers who asked “Did you ever witness an actual bris with a “metzitza b’peh?” and you answered “No”.

    You attempted to describe in a very graphic form to a broadly ignorant (in this case) audience of an “old man” putting his dirty infectious mouth and saliva on the penis of a baby…etc etc..

    My gripe?! If you never witnessed it, the preparation, before-during-after- spoken to an expert Mohel (orthodox & most particularly ultra orthodox) with years of experience- not necessarily an “old man” who also has a vast knowledge of medical & medical related issues… how can you possibly- intelligently comment and describe an act the way you did!!?? All you accomplished was to get a load of ignorant/gullible/believing audience to picture and believe your description of something you never witnessed.

    Now, for the future, if you are sincerely interested in becoming more educated in this matter- learn more about it- understand it etc. and then to intelligently make a decision to agree or disagree, then I could perhaps accept that. And I would be willing to attempt to introduce you to such an individual Mohel who would perhaps be willing to discuss and educate you. ( I only have to check if the Mohel is willing to talk to you.)

    Michael, I still like you.


    Rabbi S.L. Abramowitz

  13. Can someone explain to me how and why so many “frumme yidden/ yeshiva oilam”, worship this guy and consider him “Daaas Torah” ???

    Is he better than some on the radio? yes. but at the end of the day he is a not religious jew, and his views are OFTEN in opposition to Torah or anything else jewish

  14. poor guy on the phone can’t explain what the Talmud is….can’t explain what Torah she’bealpeh is in an intelligent, coherent way..
    poor guy doesn’t know what modern orthodox is… oy vey

  15. why would this guy want to present torah in such a pathetic way… better keep quiet so we do not hear the ignorance / boorishness in which he presents

  16. He is a very talented person with a very powerful mouth.However, I am now convinced that he is a self hating jew and is basically a low life. He started this topic by claiming that he is talking in the name of truth.
    He showed what a low life he is
    when he said “the mohel with his rusty knife”. He also compared this to mutilation which is the 2nd lie. I rest my case.

  17. To Rabbi Avraham Goldstein

    I’ve been making this point for some time. None will hear and some will become vicious.

    One thing that has been left out is Bris Milah is Not the same as gentile circumcision. Furthermore, Savage is a “Xtian” and ALL his perceptions come From that perspective. This is why he condemned, so many times, Torah She’be’al peh. In many circles Xtians are strictly forbidden to hear anything of it. Apparently it’s considered the “devil’s” work. His remarks regarding Rabbis are along the same thinking. I saw where he came from when he castigated Jews for all their different blessings on foods, as being excessive.

    Unfortunately most Xtians really believe they understand Judaism better than any Jew. And those who called him weren’t skilled in countering Xtian claims. Also, it’s ineffective to counter a person who is the moderator of his own program. It’s an exercise in futility. An offer, on the air, to meet or send documentation may have postponed an embarrassment. There are certain counters that could have been employed. The one where Yeshu says the Pharisees sit in Moshe’s seat and the allusions to the Noachide laws would have questioned his attack on Halachah L’Moshe M’Sinai.

    My concern is what kind of damage has Savage done to the Jewish Community.

  18. Anyone that changes their G-D given name, Weiner, to a farshtinkine name like Savage, needs no explanation as to what their agenda is. Michael Weiner is a Jew that is a wannabe Christian. His mother is a Jew and that makes him a Jew, no matter what he says. He hates Torah Shebal Peh with the same vitriol his Christian counterparts do. Its a shame he was not around at the time of the Holocaust because he would have been rounded up with all the Orthodox he so despises. But he will get his fair share in the world to come and he will face the truth sooner rather than later. Hope he either gets off the air or peigers quickly

  19. Dear Sharbano:

    One of the greatest fears I have is that many of us are incapable to defend Judaism! Christinity is dying. Islam Is mutating in to extremes or a modern version of it. As the days pass more and more people will look to Judaism as their mother religion. I’m not afraid to confront any of this enemies of Torah and Jewish tradition,however I’m Afraid of Jews that are unable or unwilling to stand effectively for the defense of Torah! In plain words…its not enough to do what we believe in…we must also believe in what we are doing!

  20. The issue is not so much MBP but the fact this highly intellegent fellow Savage whose voice oozes Jewish does not have enough smarts to defend his oyn people. It is disturbing to hear Jews rant against Jewish practice. I doubt he was interested in anything other than hearing his own Savage voice.

  21. Jews ought to know by now that “Michael Savage” is nothing but trouble. His off-the- wall opinions are his own, while his sensible opinions (that he claims credit for) were copied from others. He used to hang out with the perverted likes of Allen Ginsburg.

  22. I loved the technic developed by caller “yeshiel” He made believe that he agreed with savage…only to present a good case for Jewish tradition!

    One part left undefended was our oral law!

    Simply the USA supreme court is there to interpret
    the constitution. Its not enough to read it! For us Torah observant Jews The Torah is our constitution, our Rabbis are our supreme court.

    When someone talks about where does it says MBP…simply reading will make the child bleed to death since there is no instruction as to how to preform it! Can you get an operation from a doctor that learn by only reading books? Any profession needs also Oral Law as well.


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