Audio: Inside The Courtroom For The Rubashkin State Of Iowa Labor Charges


agri[Audio below.] The recent successes of Sholom Across America’s educational videos and materials have underlined the great need for the public to see first-hand the true facts of the insidious case against SholomMordechai Rubashkin. Time after time, Sholom Across America volunteers have encountered individuals who have explained that after seeing the evidence in the case for themselves and not just reading about it, they have come to their own supportive conclusion.

Although much information is available publicly, it is often difficult to sift through the enormous amount of documents and recorded information. We will therefore begin to post already publicly available audio transcripts from the Iowa state trial in an organized and accessible manner.

The state trial on over 9,000 counts of child labor violations originally commanded flashing headlines and appalled op-ed articles. Yet even before the trial began, only 83 charges remained and the state case ended with a whimper and an acquittal. Needless to say, the headlines were not as grandiose when it came time to Sholom’s full exoneration.

It is the audio from this case that will be presented, shedding a new light on the witch-hunt-like spirit of the prosecution and their win-at-all-cost methods.

In the audio, you will hear shocking testimony, some of which was not heard by the jury, such as  the testimony of a Spanish-speaking woman who came to Postville following the government raid, where she saw labor organizers coaching immigrants to testify that they had been abused by the Rubashkins, and promising them visas in exchange. Or how the governments star witness Mr. Derrick, who was called upon to testify from jail where he serving time for contempt of court (i.e., lying to the court) about the Rubashkin “abuses,” only to be discredited by multiple witnesses who in turn implicated Derrick himself as a serial abuser and racist who hated his workers and wanted them “packed like sardines and shipped back to Mexico.”

You can hear a sample clip below of Defense Lawyer Mark Weinhardt making it clear in court what the trial has to be about and what the State of Iowa wants to turn it into.

Click below to listen:

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  1. We need always to keep Sholom Rubashkin in our tefilot and say tehilim. Hashem y’rachem alav and may he see his freedom b’mheirah, together with the other shvuyim.


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