Audio: Bill de Blasio Talks Jewish Outreach, Israel and Kugel


bill-deblasio[Audio below.] Bill de Blasio loves Kugel, as his favorite Jewish-food, “deeply”. As the Democratic frontrunner for mayor of New York City, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio discussed his efforts to court the Jewish vote, his support for Israel and his love for one of the most popular food items in the Chassidic community, in an interview aired Motzoei Shabbos on the Zev Brenner radio program.

“From the beginning, I’ve had a really close relationship working with the Jewish community and i want to continue that in City Hall,” Mr. de Blasio told Brenner. “in the last years, Mayor Bloomberg has not been willing to work with the community in a way that the community deserves. I look forward to a close and positive working relationship with the Jewish community when I am in City Hall.”

Mr. de Blasio also discussed his strong support of Israel and his love for kugel, as he seeks the support of the orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn.

“As people are looking at this election now and the real final choices are available to the people, I think a lot of leaders in the Jewish communality are saying now they hope the community will close ranks behind my candidacy – because I have the track record of support for the community and because people know I’m acceptable, I’ll listen to them and I’ll work with them – And I think we are going to see a great strong vote for my campaign from the Jewish community on September 10th, ” Mr. de Blasio proclaimed.


Source: Jacob Kornbluh – NYC ELECTS

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