Attorney General Jeff Sessions Joins Rally Cries to ‘Lock Her Up’


Attorney General Jeff Sessions joined a chant of “lock her up” while speaking at a rally of conservative teenagers Tuesday, according to video footage from CNN, the Daily Beast reports.

The chant came as Sessions was speaking at the High School Leadership Summit for Turning Point USA, a pro-Trump youth activist group. As the assembled students began the chant, which references Trump’s longstanding beef with political rival Hillary Clinton, Sessions can be seen laughing and weakly repeating “lock her up.” He didn’t hold back in his speech, either, attacking schools that created “safe spaces” for students after the presidential election. “Through ‘trigger warnings’ about ‘microaggressions,’ cry closets, ‘safe spaces,’ optional exams, therapy goats, and grade inflation,” he said, “too many schools are coddling our young people and actively preventing them from scrutinizing the validity of their beliefs. That is the exact opposite of what they are supposed to do.”



  1. On the plus side, this shows that Sessions is still alive. On the minus side, he’s neglected a host of duties he was never recused from, and joining some chant doesn’t fix that. What keeps him from taking charge of DOJ and cleaning house?

    • Jeff Sessions is a class 1 COWARD! The little pipsqueak is scared of his own shadow. He takes Adam Schiff’s commands very seriously. Floppy ears would NEVER EVER want to be called a R A C I S T!


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