Attempted Robbery In Cholent Store


On Thursday night at 3:00 a.m., two men in their 20s entered an eatery near the Zichron Moshe shul where all-night learners were eating cholent and demanded money from a cashier. When he refused, they demanded money from customers, attacked people and broke windows.

Pursued by police, the assailants fled in the direction of Kikar HaShabbos and were arrested in a nearby storeroom.

{ Israel}


  1. Do you have to be an all night learner to eat in that establishment?

    Matzav that picture of a pot of stew doesn’t do justice to a heavy oily delicious cholent!

  2. If this is the picture of the cholent they were eating then maybe Someone is showing them something. You can’t eat meat during 9 days!

  3. You guys never heard of PARAVE choker?????? The cholesterol there is PAREVE year round.

    Why are you all so quick to judge in the nine days??????

  4. Sfardim Do not eat meat in the 9 days. But do eat meat on rosh chodesh. Thursday night was rosh chodesh. Really bothers me when non sfardim are very quick to say what sfardim do. Please learn before you speak.

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