Attempted Robbery at the Neuwirth Gemach in Bnei Brak


Vandals broke into the home of Rav Yosef Neuwirth on Rechov Raavad in Bnei Brak early this morning. Rav Neuwirth runs the well-known Neuwrith gemach, one of the prominent free-loan funds in the city.

The intruders sprayed pepper gas at several of the home’s occupants.

The thieves had apparently come to make off with money, but one of the neighbors who heard a tumult seemingly scared the robbers off before they could take the money they had come for.

Police forces are searching for the robbers. An MDA rescue team provided medical care to the three victims.

The Neuwirth Gemach, as mentioned has been led by Rav Yosef Neuwirth, for many years. After a number of previous burglary attempts, bars and an alarm systems were installed. It is not yet clear, therefore, how these thieves got in, leading some to believe that it was an inside job, involving someone with intimate knowledge of the gemach’s workings.

{ Israel News}



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