Atzeres Tefillah in NYC Being Arranged for Sunday

25 has learned that feverish arrangements are being made for an atzeres tefillah to be held this coming Sunday, April 21, on New York City in light of the gezeiros being enacted by the government in Israel, specifically the implementation of a draft that would remove bochurim from their yeshivos and place them in the Israel Defense Forces. With the threat of the mandatory draft hanging over the yeshivos in Eretz Yisroel, and the budget cuts that have slashed funding to mekomos haTorah, the Olam Hatorah in the Holy Land is facing daunting weeks and months ahead.

“The gathering will not be a protest against the Israeli government,” an event organizer told, “but rather purely a tefillah gathering, for thousands of Yidden to beseech Hashem for mercy at this most trying time. It will not be a political event.”

A kol koreh signed by leading rabbonim and roshei yeshiva encouraging attendance at the atzeres tefillah is currently being compiled and will be released as early as later today.

The gathering, to be held in downtown Manhattan, will feature the recital of Tehillim, divrei hisorerus, and kabbolas ohl Malchus Shomayim. The exact time of the event has not been released, though it is expected to be some time in the early afternoon.

Further details will be reported once they are finalized.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. A Tefilla rally can be held in a hall in Brooklyn, and carried live across the country.
    The idea here is to make a statement to the world that we are protesting the Israeli government.

  2. Boruch Hashem:
    Gedolim & people are finally seeing what Hashem is doing & started to Take Hashems wake-up calls for teshuva seriously-after all the tzaros we’ve been going through recently.

    May Hashem Accept our teshuva & bring Mashiach very soon

  3. This is not a political event ? So why do we have to go to Wall Street ?
    If it’s purely a tefillah gathering, for thousands of Yidden to beseech Hashem for mercy at this most trying time why can’t we do this in a shul or at least in a Yiddish neighborhood ?

  4. We can daven at the Palace on McDonald or Ateres Chynka……why travel on the pretzadik trains and pay tolls to stand in the sun???
    and how will we let others know that this is NOT A PROTEST against the Israeli government? WIll signs be monitored and checked? Will speeches be reviewed prior to being said? ALL IN ALL, not a good idea!!!

  5. Who am I to say, but the Rebbe kept on urging the Yishivos to learn Inyonei Moshiach Ig’ulah (portions of Torah relating to the coming of Moshiach). Who knows how much better things might have been if we had followed his guidance.

  6. The article states that: The gathering will not be a protest against the Israeli government,….. It will not be a political event.” If not a poltitcal event, why hold it in Manhattan and make everyone shlep there. The answer is obvious !

  7. Why would they shlep Yidden to Manhattan to daven, when we can very well find closer venues for Tefilla? Is it preferable to waste all that time, money and shmiras einayim to have everyone in a showy gathering, rather than making 2-3 more practical tefilla gatherings locally?

  8. Isn’t it dangerous to have a gathering or tens of thousands of Jews in Manhattan. It makes a target for terrorists, chas v’shalom.

  9. Hope that the latest crazed TERRORISTS are not reading about our upcoming non-Israel protest against the Israeli government.

    Do you know what persons will be joining to show their anger, disdain, hostility to Israel? I will be home…davening, doing chesed and spending time with my family.

  10. Maybe it will send more of a message if it’s in manhattan. “Mikem ubachem” sad that we have to pray to be spared from fellow jews who want to uproot Torah R”L. That in a certain way, a yeshiva student in America, or England for example can learn more peacefully than a Student in the holy holy land E”Y, which is run by yidden. Nebach nebach so so sad, are they not embarrassed as they celebrate Yom ha’atzmaot, for what puropose is the “jewish state to be rodeif bnei Torah?????????????????????????????

  11. A bit of bittel torah to make people shlep down to a place full of toevah, no? I think we should all stand together as Torah yidden and tell the Israeli government where to go, as well as refuse any money offered by the government. Why should we support the government of Israel with our Torah? Keep your treif money!
    That will show them!

  12. after the boston bombings i think it should be canceled, its a terror target, no reason to daven in manhattan u can daven in shul and not put our lives in danger like boston

  13. why when ever things our going on like this, is there a need for big huge fanfare.. its one time thing and then it alll sizzles… and maybe we should start thinking.. its not a gezeirah just wake up that frum ppl cant always expect to take and not do anything for the country that supports them.. sure matzav of course you wont accept this whole thing of mine.. cuz your e nor ehrlich or true, just about you and agenda onesided all the time… you dont have any backbone or true heart in yiddishkeit… an nebacjh too many ppl by into it… make a huge big event rah rah to wake up yiddishkeit you bozos….


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