Ateres Esther of Lakewood is at Risk of not Opening September 3rd Due to Lack of Funding


Dear Matzav,

The parents of Ateres Esther need to know today – one week before school starts – if there will be a school for their about 90 daughters (enrolled in its Primary through 5th Grade).

I am one of those parents. The only thing keeping the school from opening is its lack of funding. We carefully chose this school – where the girls are happy, comfortable, confident, and feel cared for.

The school accepts children when they see that the parents have the same vision as the school. They do not consider the background or mold of the parents.

All the parents are very special, wanting the same traditional – yet high standard – education for our daughters, in a simple non-materialistic environment. We’re running this emergency campaign today to keep our beautiful – irreplaceable – school open.

A number of philanthropists want to see this campaign and the school succeed. They are watching it.

One committed to help with this campaign in a generous way when he sees it is progressing.
Another said he’ll give $10,000 when this comes together.
And others expressed their desire to help in general when things are rolling forward.
If we do what we can, they will do what they can.
Please consider donating HERE – if everyone gives something, the girls will be able to stay at their school that they love so much.
With much appreciation,
A devoted parent


  1. Suggestion: locate lakewood families that are already considering moving out and suggest cities such as : Rodchester, Phoenix. Cleaveland, Cincinnati.


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