At Vigil For New Zealand Mosque Shootings, Brooklyn College Students Chant Terrorist Slogans


The Young Progressives of America at Brooklyn College and the Brooklyn College Islamic Society & Muslim Women’s Educational Initiative held a vigil on Friday, memorializing the 50 Muslim worshippers murdered in Christchurch, New Zealand, on March 15 with students chanting terrorist slogans.

The Instagram account of the Brooklyn College Student Union clearly displays students chanting, “Long Live the Intifada!”

Additionally, an unidentified student accurately mentioned that there were six Palestinians who were killed in the shootings, but blamed, in addition to anti-Muslim rhetoric, a lack of “empathy” that is not only in New Zealand but “also in America,” citing the backlash that some young activists faced in confronting former U.S. President Bill Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, and blaming her for the rhetoric behind the shooting.

“Forty-nine people died because of the rhetoric you put out there,” Clinton was told by Muslim student Leen Dweik.

The unidentified Brooklyn College student also accused the media of covering up the six Palestinians killed, though numerous outlets reported it.

This isn’t the first time support for an intifada was witnessed at Brooklyn College.

During a time of car-ramming and other attacks on Israeli civilians—and just two days after a bus was hijacked by Palestinian terrorists who then murdered two Israeli civilians in 2015—Brooklyn College Students for Justice in Palestine posted a flier calling for a “Third Intifada,” supporting the terrorism that had ensued, stating, “Respect Existence; or Expect Resistance.”

CAMERA on Campus called on “the Brooklyn College Student Union to remove this video calling for violence and apologize to the Jewish and Israeli community for this egregious mistake.”




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