Ten People Shot Near Empire State Building, 2 Dead


shooting-empire-state-building[Multiple updates below.] Multiple people have been shot and at least one killed in a shooting near the Empire State Building.

At least eight people were shot when gunfire broke out at 34th Street and Fifth Avenue around 9 a.m. today Police said the gunman was shot and killed.

There is a large police presence on the scene. The conditions of the victims are unknown. It’s still not clear what led to the shooting.

Fifth Avenue is shut down between 34th Street and 33rd Street. Traffic has been closed from East 42nd Street.

This is a developing story.

Update, 9:52 a.m.: The incident occurred following a dispute between coworkers. Two people – the gunman and an innocent female bystander – are dead. A total of 10 people were shot.

Cops killed the gunman shortly after 9 a.m. It’s unclear what sparked the deadly argument, which happened in the heart of the morning rush on a street loaded with commuters and tourists.

The victims were taken to St. Luke’s Hospital and Bellevue.

Update, 10:43 a.m.: Sources say that the gunman was a disgruntled employee who was fired Thursday from his job inside the Empire State Building. The shooter may have been targeting a coworker, who is believed to have been killed, before opening fire on bystanders.

Witnesses described the shooter as a tall man in a gray suit.

Mayor Bloomberg is scheduled to hold a news conference at 11 a.m.

It is not clear if this morning’s shooting was premeditated, nor was it known if the victims were targeted or shot at random.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}



    26 year old bochur niftar IN MVA in yerushalyim, with levaya going on now R”L

    will we ever face reality & make a cheshbon Hanefesh why hashem would put so many & such strange tzaros upon klal yisroel?

    if we did it would at least be a zchus & show a sign of working on ourselves to return to hashem to end tzaros & bring mashiach ASAP

  2. #3, you are a sick twisted nut job to make a statement like that. You need serious help. I would not want to be in close proximaty to you

  3. To:Comment from Need more info
    You are a very sick man indeed! If you feel that a person should be killed to satiate one’s anger you are dangerous. I hope that they get to you fast. HaShem metes out physical punishments, he does not need our assistance today.

  4. He did NOT shoot bystanders! He killed his target indoors & then left. When he was approached by police, he opened fire on them, not bystanders. Some of the bystanders were grazed by the police officers! Way to go! Have another bagel! write another parking ticket! It’s ok, Ray “cover up” Kelly will cover for you!

  5. Before you defend “abusive” bosses, ask yourself, are you a boss or a worker? I worked for an abusive boss for many years & I only have resentment to him & his family! I don’t wish death but a little pain and suffering for everything he did to me is fine by me!

  6. Let Mr. Bloomberg do nothing about gun control and act only on the “absolutely dangerous and terrible practice” of MBP and 20 oz of soda. Thank you Mr. Guilliani for having your head on your shoulders.

  7. i like what your saying mr,fyi.but do have proof to this(donut munching police officers shot at the guys making off with their donuts) accusation?

  8. Yep. All of New Yoaks Finest (Hahahaha) were too busy eating bagels & donuts and giving parking tickets to protect citizens (and ilegals) on the smelly street of Bloomberg’s NY! Oink Oink.

  9. I worked for a large Wall St. corporation that fired me unjustly. When I wanted to sue them, they almost tried to kill me. They sicced all their underworld connections on me to harass & intimidate me until I gave up.

  10. Today people are not grateful that they get a job, that the boss knocks himself out to pay people, while having trouble getting paid from his customers, while having to cut his prices – and to say that they should be shot is the sign of a very sick mind.

  11. Ralph Hazan is a tzaddik – i am so sorry he is having this aggravation – and I didn’t know Isaac passed away. May the Hazan family only have good things happen and be inscribed for a happy and healthy New Year!!!


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