At Least 10 Dead, Tens Of Thousands Evacuated As Wildfires Ravage Northern California’s Wine Country


Fires pushed by warm winds and fueled by dry ground swept through California wine country Monday, killing at least 10 people, injuring numerous others and torching more than 1,500 homes and businesses.

State fire officials warned that the conditions, particularly winds that at times exceeded 50 miles per hour, would likely exacerbate the fires in the days ahead. At least 14 separate blazes burned in eight Northern California counties, prompting evacuations of more than 20,000 frightened residents, including patients in threatened hospitals.

“This is really serious; it’s moving fast,” Gov. Jerry Brown, D, said during a news conference in which he declared an emergency in three counties. “The heat, the lack of humidity and the winds are all driving a very dangerous situation and making it worse. It’s not under control by any means. But we’re on it in the best way we know how.”

The fires, which whipped up overnight Sunday, added to what has already been a severe fire season in the West. More than 8 million acres have burned in at least four states, raising questions from across the political spectrum about the connection to climate change and forest management practices.

The current wildfires had burned more than 70,000 acres in Northern California by late Monday afternoon, nearly all of those in Sonoma and Napa counties, the heartland of the state’s renowned wine industry. A smaller but fast-moving fire in Mendocino County to the north killed one person, according to Jonathan Cox, a battalion chief and spokesman for Cal Fire. The sheriff of Sonoma County confirmed seven additional deaths there, and Cal Fire confirmed two more deaths in the Atlas Fire in Napa County.

The pace of the burn took firefighters by surprise: The fires charred 20,000 acres in about 12 hours, which Cox called “a phenomenal rate of growth.” He said firefighters had “zero percent” containment and warned that, while winds had weakened slightly over the course of the day, “because of heat and low humidity, fire growth is still likely.”

The situation in Santa Rosa, the largest city in Sonoma County, appeared dire. The Tubbs fire, as the blaze in Sonoma is known, sped southwest from Calistoga in Napa Valley, jumped Highway 101 and entered Santa Rosa. Cal Fire officials said the cause is under investigation.

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  1. It’s brought down in Tanach that big fires will rage on Hoshana Raba. We see this Nivua is coming to fruition. Things are heating up with North Korea, which many say is Gog. We experienced hurricanes and earthquakes very recently as well. The end is near. Every sign of ikvisa dimishicha is happening. Prepare for the final battle. Hold on to your Arba Minim. Stay secure by sitting in your Succah.

  2. I read that a reform heretical movements youth camp was destroyed. Maybe their kids will be saved from assimilation and go to an orthodox camp instead. Now we know the purpose of the fire.

  3. I just googled the reform jewish summer camp that burnt down in california. Its name is camp Newman. They built one building there for four million dollars. Everything got destroyed. Hopefully some outreach frum groups will take these nebech reform kids into their programs and teach them proper Judaism.

  4. California on Friday lowered the level of penalty of knowingly infecting someone with HIV from a felony to a misdemeanor. This effectively will cause more deaths as the fear of infecting someone is lessened.
    Surprisingly the following Monday there are spontaneous fires that erupt . The fire is red like blood, they are destroying grapes which are the color of blood. And the same way HIV inhibits a persons ability to fight off disease, the winds are preventing the fire department from fighting the fires. I think gods message is pretty clear.

  5. היש בה עץ אם אין – במדבר יג:כ

    חז”ל – אדם כשר שיגין עליו כעץ

    שלמה יהודה איז אוועקגעפארען קיין ארץ ישראל פאר יום טוב

  6. As of now, the tragic counted numbers are: (At least) SEVENTEEN people have died, (at least) ONE HUNDRED people were injured so bad that they had to be hospitalized, (at least) ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY people are still missing, and nearly TWO THOUSAND houses and businesses and other buildings were completely wreaked. Of the people who died were a senior elderly man and his wife, ages 100 and 98 respectively, who, being unable to move, were not able to flee when the inferno reached their place of dwelling. (See and the various news links in the heading there)


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