AT LAST: After Two-Month Manhunt, IDF Eliminates Barkan Murderer In Shchem


After a two-month manhunt, Israeli forces found and killed Ashraf Na’alowa, the perpetrator of a brutal terror attack in which he shot dead Kim Levengrond Yehezkel and Ziv Hajbi in a Barkan factory, the Shin Bet security service said early Thursday.

Na’alowa, from the West Bank village of Shuweika near Tulkarem, remained on the run for over two months, repeatedly eluding capture by Israel security forces. A number of his relatives and alleged accomplices were detained and indicted as part of the manhunt.

Upon being discovered by Yamam forces who attempted to arrest him, Na’alowa opened fire at the Israeli troops, leading to a shootout that ended with his demise.

According to the Shin Bet, Na’alowa appeared to be planning to conduct a second terror attack, “which was prevented with the thwarting of the assailant.”


Na’alowa comes hours after Israeli forces killed Salih Omar Barghouti, the terrorist who conducted a drive-by shooting attack at a bus stop outside of Ofra on Sunday night, hitting a 30-weeks pregnant woman who was seriously injured. The baby was delivered in an emergency operation, but died earlier Wednesday.

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