At Geneva Talks, Iran Says It Has No Intention Of Dismantling Nuclear Program


iran-arak-heavy-water-reactorIran says that it has no intention of dismantling its vast nuclear program as talks between Iran and the world powers resumed in Geneva, Switzerland, today.

The P5+1 have insisted that Iran needs to dismantle most of its 20,000 nuclear centrifuges as part of a comprehensive nuclear deal.

But Iran rejected that proposition and has no plans to discuss scaling back.

“Dismantling (the) nuclear program is not on the agenda,” Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi said, the Associated Press reported.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on a tour of an Israeli field hospital in the Golan Heights that treats the wounded from Syria’s civil war, blamed Iran for the Syrian refugees’ suffering.

“On the day that the world powers are opening talks in Vienna with Iran it is important for the world to see pictures from this place,” Netanyahu said, the Jerusalem Post reported. “This place separates the good in the world from the evil in the world.”


{ Newscenter}


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