Assemblyman Kaminsky Announces Agreement To Keep Crossing Guards At Shulamith


KAMINSKY SHULAMITHLong Island – Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky today announced that the Nassau County Police Department (NCPD) has agreed that crossing guards will be stationed at the new campus for the Shulamith School for Girls, in a victory for improving pedestrian safety around the facility. On July 6, Assemblyman Kaminsky wrote a letter to the NCPD requesting that they maintain the existing crossing guards which were previously posted at the Lawrence Number 5 School.

At the beginning of this school year, the Shulamith School for Girls took over the Lawrence Number 5 School, at which time Rabbi Perry Tirschwell, the Executive Director of Shulamith, contacted Assemblyman Kaminsky to request the crossing guards. Shulamith’s enrollment totals over 400 students, marking a significant increase in the school’s population from when it was the Lawrence Number 5 School. Additionally, 25% of Shulamith students do not qualify to receive bussing, which added further proof that keeping a robust crossing guard presence for students was a necessity.

“Keeping our children safe is a top priority,” said Assemblyman Kaminsky. “I am thankful to Inspector Steinberg of the NCPD Fourth Precinct and proud to work with them on improving the safety of students as they walk to and from school through these very busy intersections.”

“The safety of our children is our number one priority, so we were thrilled to learn that Assemblyman Kaminsky and the Nassau County Police Department were able to come through with crossing guards for our new campus,” said Rabbi Perry Tirschwell, Executive Director of Shulamith School for Girls.

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