Ashkenazi: Like Athletes, Only Top Bochurim Should Be Exempt From Draft


In recordings aired by the Kan public broadcaster on Monday, the fourth candidate on the centrist Blue and White party’s slate, former chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi, said military draft exemptions for charedim should be like those for athletes, only the very best of whom do not have to serve in the IDF.

“We have a model in which outstanding athletes are given exemptions and everyone else owes service,” Ashkenazi said in remarks delivered to a conference on equality in public service in Israeli society. “Everyone else will go to the induction center.”

He added, “I think this is dangerous for Israeli society — a reality in which a small number of young people serve the country as opposed to a growing public that does not serve.”

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  1. And let the others become Jewish Goyim. We must continue standing strong against the Satan.

    Why doesn’t he look into his secular draft dodgers? There are about 50% of them who neither protect the country by learning learn Torah and do mitzvos.

  2. If we were a nation that survived 2,000 years on sports- and gave the gifts of sports to the world…then sports would be a good analogy. Unfortunately, this man has no sense of purpose in life other than leading the largest center of Hi-tech and falafel in the middle-east.

  3. This was actually the status quo for the first three decades of the State of Israel. Nobody seemed to have had a problem with it.

    • who said they didn’t

      more importantly the role of females was Far different the first decades of the state
      First reverse all that First

      • I’m sorry, but none of you got the facts right.
        There have been Yeshiva boys in the army since the times of Hagana, Etzel and Lechi.
        However, the Army has generally granted an exemption to Yeshiva boys, even not to the brightest. As it still does.
        Regarding female soldiers – Chareidi soldiers can choose not to be together with females.

        The idea of making a selection between the best Yeshiva boys, is pure dream formula – fabricated by a person who is ready to say anything in order to draw some attention before sitting down on the opposition bench, for his first and last term in the Israeli political system.

        But his stupid doctrine nevertheless underlines the importance of partaking in this crucial elections.

  4. Lets imagine Israel didn’t have or need a draft. Would a system where Roshei Yeshivas select the top 50% of their boys to stay and send the bottom 50% into the workforce with continuing night classes and ties, benefit our system and the state of shidduchim?


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