Ashdod’s Chief Rabbi to Appear in Court for Standing Up for Kashrus Standards


kashrusToday, Ashdod’s Chief Rabbi, Rav Yosef Sheinin, is scheduled to appear before a judge after a local court charged him with contempt for refusing to obey a High Court ruling to issue a kosher certificate to the Pnina Pie bakery.

Rav Sheinin had revoked the bakery’s hashgacha after it was discovered that its owner is a Christian missionary. While the bakery’s owner successfully petitioned the Supreme Court last June, Rav Sheinin has refused to follow with the court’s decision on grounds that kashrus certificates can only be granted to establishments that adhere to halacha and the laws of kashrus.

{Yair Israel}


  1. May there be a million more Rav Sheinin Shlita, who uphold the demands of Kashrut! Kol Hakavod and he rightly deserves his sechar!

  2. This court decision makes no sense! Kosher means kosher by Jewish law and just bec. the court believes a missionary is just as reliable doesn”t make it kosher/ If they want to make a new name like say for example: “certified by the israeli government to contain no nonkosher ingredients” fine, but a rabbi can”t give a kosher certificate if its not kosher by halacha. A Kosher certificate means more then just no non-kosher ingredients, it means a Jew is permitted to eat there which is not true. This halacha is clear-cut, that only a practicing religeous jew has a “chezkas kashrus” (reliability in kosher). A member of “J fpr J” definetly does not fit this criteria.


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