Aschalta D’Yeshua: Sholom Mordechai Found Innocent in State Trial


rubashkin1Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin has been acquitted of allowing minors to work at the Postville slaughterhouse. The jury reached a verdict shortly before 1 p.m. today, acquitting him of all 67 counts of child labor violations.

Sholom Mordechai is awaiting sentencing on federal bank fraud charges in connection with loans Agriprocessors received. Federal immigration charges stemming from the May 2008 raid at the plant were dropped earlier.

State labor officials began investigating information that minors worked at the plant in the months before the May 2008 immigration raid. Prosecutors claimed Sholom Mordechai knew underage workers held jobs at the facility and did nothing to remove them or change hiring practices. However, testimony at the trial didn’t bear that out. Witness after witness admitted that they either lied about their ages or had selective amnesia about what they said when they were hired.

Twenty-six former Agriprocessors employees from Guatemala and Mexico testified they had worked at the plant as teenagers. The state claimed they worked with dangerous chemicals and some tended power-driven equipment like conveyor belts. All the claims were refuted during cross-examination and by the defense’s witnesses.

The defense discredited every witness, virtually making a mockery of the prosecution’s case.

May Sholom Mordechai continue to see yeshuos.

Please continue to daven for Reb Shalom Mordechai ben Rivkah.

Significant funds must still be raised for the legal defense. Anyone who can help out and lend support should take a moment to send a donation to the Pidyon Shvuyim Fund. The help of Yidden across the globe is severely needed.

You can easily donate by clicking on the following link:


Alternatively, you can mail contributions to:

Pidyon Shvuyim Fund

53 Olympia Lane

Monsey NY 10952

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  1. Judge L:inda Reade, opene your eyes. Don’t be foolish. You can still do teshuvah.
    Rav Shalom Mordechai will see more yeshuot be”h.

  2. Does sholom m now have to go back to cedar rapids? where does he go now for the interim? and when is the federal sentencing?

  3. Rabbosai, I know it is obvious, but let us give repeated credit to Rabbi Pinchos Lipshuitz of the yated for everything he has done. As a Crown Heights resident, we are amazed at how this Yid has given his life to Rabbi Rubashkin. He is a shliach hashem and we wish him gezunt and koach.

  4. I believe the sentencing for the federal case in JUNE 22. Keep praying. Sholom Mordechai Haleivi ben Rivkah

  5. I just donated 360 dollars. Everyone can donate. Help ensure that there is justice. There will be an appeal of the federal ruling so everyone should help make sure the appeal is a good and powerful one so he can go free. Take a second and donate like I did.

  6. The prosecutions case was as dumb as the Gaza flotilla. It was ridiculous. It was as empty as Helen Thomas’ head. Why they thought they could present such a joke in court is nuts

  7. not to dtract from the tremendous Yeshua….
    the title is too close to a usage that is frowned upon by most gedolim and readers of Matzav. pls be more sensitive. thanks

  8. Can someone please provide the email address to his attorney and the firm the attorney works for? we should send them thank you messages ASAP.

  9. I love the name of this post: aschalta deyeshuah. May it indeed become true. may this continue to a complete yeshuah for a yid who has been railroaded. he is a korban for klal yisroel. may he see yeshuos refuos ve’od.

  10. To #17:

    The title is a concept that is frowned upon WHEN USED & APPLIED to certain events & situations, it doesn’t mean that it is an unkosher term in general!!

  11. Wow!! Baruch Hashem! We are so excited, we just made a l’chaim. May Hashem help that R` Shalom Mordechai and Klal Yisroel see a Yeshua in the federal case!!!

  12. Came into my house saw this post and with tears filled with happiness called my husband and children.That is what it means to be a yid !

  13. Mazal Tov, may that be the hascholas hayeshuo vehageulah till the geulah shleima (hapratis, and of klal yisroel,

  14. here we have the litvaks going out for a chabad chosid which is what should be, thats the right thing.

    bh for this partial yeshua but keep the tefillos going as R Shalom still needs a huge yeshua.

  15. Can someone please explain to me what is going on? I thought the life sentence they wanted to give was for the fraud and has nothing to do with this, I mean the sentencing for that was supposed to have happened even before these charges were judged. so how is this such a big yeshua. does this mean he will certainly not be getting a life sentence or even 25 years??
    Can someone please explain it to me?? I want to join in the Simcha I just dont understand?

  16. Anyone have any idea how long of sentence is expected in the federal trial and how much this verdict will affect that? Any legal experts here who can shed some light on this?

  17. It was a chutzpah in the first place for them to pin all these charges on him. He was one of several officers at the company. The whole thing was a withhunt by the unions and PETA and they carried it all the way through. And iyH they will continue to lose. They are reshaim gemurim who will do anything to carry out their sick agenda.

  18. Confused, I share your confusion. Why are people starting to make a lechayim? He may CV get 50 years for the other charges? Why not contain the excitement until all verdicts have been passed down

  19. Chasdei Hashem!!!! BH!!!!!!! …our teffillos bore fruit!!! may sholom mordechai and his family cont. to have a yeshua. the tefillos dont stop here . everyone contiue davening hard.

  20. Thank You Matzav, thank you Rabb Pinny Lipshitz for this great awareness. The man who was painted as a villian, and lets not forget 3000+ charges were originally filed, is now found NOT GUILTY!!!
    Halevai we succeeded with our tefillos and this should just be the beginning of good tidings for Sholom Mordechai Ben Rivkah!!!

  21. Can he now go home under house arrest and wait for the judgment on the second case or will they continue to treat him like an animal?

  22. Yasher koach to our good friend Reb Pinny Lipschutz!!!
    Now, about #42, you are right, but as Yidden, we like to see some encouragement that our tefilos bore fruit. It’s probably too early to predict anything but we are hopeful that just as the first prosecution fell apart, we hope it’s a good sign that the others will disintegrate too.

    We can all continue to daven.

  23. IY”H this will be just the beginning of yeshua for R’ Shalom Mordechai, and may he be reunited with his family asap.

  24. lets not forget about the fed and also we should drink lechaim not just for this partial yeshuah but also for the federal charges that hashem should help we need bitachon and emunah!!!

  25. Chasdei Hashem Ki Lo Somnu. May HKBH have rachomonus, and may he open the eyes of the Federal Judge. Our job is to keep davening, keep giving, keep davening more.
    Sheker ain lo raglayim. That is exactly what happened here, and Boruch Hashem the jury saw through all this.
    Our thanks to the Judge, to the attornies, to Rabbi P. Lipshutz of the Yated, and to Matzav, who keep us posted all the time, and tell us the real truth.
    Come on, let’s drink a lechayim.

  26. To comment #36 Chabad Rocks-
    In this tremendous Eis Ratzon of Ribui Shalom V’Rayus why raise the nasty scepter of being Machzik Machlokes?
    In ever country each citizen knows that although they perform totally different functions, the Army views the Navy as a vital component and vice versa. The Air Force and the Coast Guard understands that each has their important contributions. Although they perform totally different specialties, they all have the same goal in mind- to proliferate the majesty of their great country and leader.

    We as Yidden understand that our differences actually complement each other.There is so much good why make a snide remark about one “side” helping “the other side”? We are all brothers and sisters in the army of Hashem.
    We have exhibited tremendous Achdus through this ordeal. We don’t need Hashem to have other Yidden go through Tza’ar in order for us to be Ohavei Chinom to hasten the arrival of Moshiach.

  27. i dont understand whats the big simcha about that he was found innocent? hes might still be found guilty on the bank fraud charges? and they want 25 years? so he according to them is going to sit in jail

  28. chasdei h-m ki lo sumnu ki lo chulu rachamav.

    lets increase ahavas yisroel as well as torah tiffila chessed etc for the next upcoming yeshua iyh on june 22 .yes he can be sentenced to parole and walk out a free man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. hopefully this will reaveal more of to what length the goverement went to bring Rubashkin down and how curropt they are.They should have such a nitzachon that they can turn around and sue the govt for all the damage it had done.

  30. this really made my day!!!! may this be the beginning of the road to his full freedom and may he be healthy and happy (and free) till 120!!!

  31. to #37: bein acquitted of all these charges keeps SMR, in any future trial, as a first time offender, which automatically reduces his possible sentencing. which is why our reshanta judge wanted to postpone his sentencing in the first place to have him as an already convicted felon, to empower her to he rishus. so yes, this is a simcha. may Hashem, b’rov chasdo, continue to prove his innocence. I hope i made sense.

  32. Baruch Hashem, I am so happy that I just donated $100.00 to the defense fund. Please everyone donate what you can

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