As Shas and UTJ Are Left Out, Rabbi Druckman Says Chareidim “Boycott Others Full-Time”


rabbi-chaim-druckman[Click here for video.] 80-year-old Religious Zionist spiritual leader Rabbi Chaim Druckman accused chareidi spokesmen of hypocrisy today over their charges that they are being boycotted by the new governing coalition.

“I am very sorry about the rift,” Rabbi Druckman told Arutz Sheva in an interview. “When I listen – especially to the chareidi radio stations and journalists – they do not increase ahavat Yisrael. I say this as an understatement. It pains me, this entire reality, but unfortunately, when I think about it. Who is boycotting whom this whole time?

“Where are the holy books by the Torah greats in the chareidi yeshivas? Where are they located? In what yeshiva have I seen a book by Rabbi [Avraham Yitzhak Hakohen] Kook? I mean, this is a total boycott, all of the time.”

“Every little politician who is elected into the Knesset immediately receives the title of rabbi, while true rabbis of ours [i.e., from the religious Zionist stream – ed.] who are mentioned in the chareidi press are referred to by their names,” said Rabbi Druckman. “We did not demand to boycott the chareidim.”

The statements were  harsh, and can be seen against the backdrop of intense chareidi attacks on Bayit Yehudi for its decision to enter the coalition with anti-chareidi Yesh Atid.

Rabbi Druckman spoke as he entered an evening held in his honor as he reached his 80th birthday. Click here for video.

Source: Arutz Sheva

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  1. He did not mention Matzav’s censorship of any posts that suggest there may be other gedolim aside for those recognized by Chareidim/Matzav.

  2. He is right. Bennett wanted to form a united block with the Chareidim before & after the elections and they rejected him both times

  3. This is the same guy who had his 15,000 conversions nullified by YU and religious zionist rabbis. He never brought a Jewish born person to observe Torah, but he managed to convert FIFTEEN THOUSAND goyim. Well, Arial Sharon asked him to “solve” the problem of goyim from Russia in Israel….

  4. Nonsense. Nobody is “boycotting” anybody. The fact that we are not interested in books that carry R. Kook’s hashkafa is because we are not interested in them, and we have a right to learn what we want and to practice our religion the way we want, not the way R. Druxman wants us to. But the government is supposed to represent the people, and when it does not, that is a problem.

    This R. Druxman was also the one who wanted us to recognize converts who do not accept Mitzvos if they serve in the IDF, since that shows that are really dedicated to Judaism.

  5. he misses the boat on so many points

    firstly every mosad harav kook sefer is in yeshivos
    hius arguments have no legs to stand on

  6. Perhaps this is midah kneged midah. Shas kicked out Rav Amsalem from party, now they have been kicked out of govt. UTJ people removed Rav Druckman from his post, now they have been removed from govt.

  7. I guess Bennett and the Mizrachi approach is since the Charedim boycot them all the time because they take a relaxed approach on religion, and because their view of yidishkeit is seen as very lukewarm like for instance on halachic matters like kol isha, and shaking hands with women, and this is only a few halachic matters to consider. Well I guess the only way to fight back is by boycotting, and destroying the Charedi youth! And trying their best to destroy their entire derech! If it wasn’t funny it would be sad. The Mizrachim are showing their true colors and the bridge between them and the fraya they always spoke about is a slanty one way bridge. As Chazal already said when Moshiach time comes closer the fakes and phonies will be visible for all to see.

  8. What about Mosad Harav Kook sefarim which are found in every single shul/yeshiva litvish and chassidish.

    Also forgot Kehati mishnayot

  9. the yetzer hora is laughing all the way to the bank.

    I have no horse in this race. I’m just wondering, has anyone in these “parties” stopped to think for a moment “What does HaShem want”?

  10. When I was in yeshiva we did not have any kabbalah seforim in yeshiva. According to R Druckman we are boycotting kabbalah.

  11. Those who blame Medinah for conversions, are not able to see big picture. The communists banned all Jewish life and education. As a result, there were many intermarriages in Soviet Union. Now, if one spouse is Jewish and wants to go to Israel, we have 3 choices:

    1) Tell the other half of family they are not welcome and can’t come. (Barbaric.)

    2) Let them in, but have problem of non-Jewish influence on society and children.

    3) Make effort to educate them in Jewish values and eventually convert them.

    This is the dilemma that faced the Israeli govt due to circumstances beyond their control in Russia. And they made the only logical and humane choice.

  12. Pashuteh Yid:
    You’re not pashut at all. You’re saying naming GOYIM as Yiden is a logical and humane approach. Are you simply stupid? Or is something else wrong with your thinking?

  13. Rav Druckman didn’t say mosad harav Kook, he said the seforim written by Rav Kook. For example, Resh Milin which givens insight into the alef bais and the taamei hamikra, or Orot Hetshuva.


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